End Citizens United: Advocates Net Neutrality

The recent decision by the Federal Communications Commission to no longer support net neutrality has risen significant controversy in the American political system. The issue of net neutrality has been growing in prominence over the last year as corporations are vying for control over the population’s access to the Internet.

While just several decades ago it would have been impossible to foresee the impact of the Internet on our nation’s economy today it seems impossible to imagine a world without the global network of information. Corporations have been trying to gain control over the population’s ability to access this global network, but so far legislation has kept the Internet free. The Issue of net neutrality regards the ability to access all of the Internet freely and until recently was legislatively supported in America. The Federal Communications Commission decision to abandon support of net neutrality has been met with outrage particularly by our nations youngest generation of voters.

Political action committee and grassroots political organization End Citizens United has publicly taken a vowel to support politicians who are in favor of net neutrality. End Citizens United has become one of the nations most influential political action committees in the last three years since it was originally founded in 2015. The organization’s mission statement is to help eliminate the influence of big money in politics by supporting of the Reformation of campaign finance policies in America. Tiffany Muller, the organization’s executive director, has stated that the support of net neutrality was made in an effort to increase voter turnout for millennial’s the nations youngest demographic of voters.

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Millennials have in surveys been shown to be significantly more interested in their ability to freely access the Internet. They are also much more likely to spend significant amounts of time on the Internet. Because of these facts, the issue of net neutrality has the greatest impact in this demographic of voters. Already several politicians of the Democratic Party have taken a public stance in favor of supporting net neutrality. Members of the Republican Party believe that net neutrality is unnecessary regulatory legislation. They believe that there is no need for this legislation and that without net neutrality there will be no significant impact on our nations populace ability to access the global network of information. Democratic candidates believe that the freedom to access the information unfettered by corporate interests is a fundamental human right and should be protected in our nation’s Constitution.

While the primary purpose of political organization End Citizens United is to eliminate the influence of the economic elite on our nation’s politicians by supporting net neutrality, they hope that they can gain significant traction in our nations youngest group of voters. By getting their support, End Citizens United will also be able to help change campaign finance laws in our country.

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