Holistic Mental Health Services Hit Bureau County

Pam Heil and Sarah Scruggs decided to try a different approach to mental health care in Illinois Valley. Instead of focusing on medication and the latest technological advancements in mental health wellness, the two founders decided to launch a holistic mental health facility. The facility focuses on the three key areas of the self, which are mind, body and soul. They use a several-point program that enriches various areas of their lives at once.

Toning the Body
Exercise and a healthy body can be the gateways to overall wellness. This facility focuses on providing Yoga lessons and ongoing Yoga classes. Yoga is a type of exercise that teaches relaxation, balance, and a connection with nature.

Improving the Mind Through Relationships
The program directors beleive that mental health can improve if an individual changes the relationships in his or her life. That could mean terminating relationships, beginning them or even changing them to more fruitful situations. Therefore, they pay close attention to their members’ upbringing, parenting styles, and overall relationships that they have in their lives. The specialists help such people to improve relationships that may be failing at this time.

Experiencing Community Love
Another unique aspect of this particular program is that it pushes community involvement and bonding. Many people are alone with no support, and that situation may contribute to their poor mental health state. This program is designed to encourage fruitful relationships that will help each member to grow immensely.

The new institute offers affordable Yoga lessons and membership. Its goal is to encourage people to join, not scare them away with outrageous fees. Many people are flocking to such facilities because they want to live healthy lives that don’t include a heap of medication. The company CEO is dedicated to continuing the programs and improving the lives of their members.

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