The Unstoppable Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin, the chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences LLC, is the latest recipient of the Weizmann Leadership Award. This award was presented to Aronin for his advancements in technology and science and for having a positive impact through his research in improving the lives of patients. Being an American investor and entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin has elevated science to new heights, making it a priority to focus on patients suffering from rare diseases. Because these diseases often have no drugs to help treat them, he has made it his mission to finance companies that can assist with creating solutions for these illnesses.

In his earlier years, Jeff Aronin was able to witness a doctor actually treat a child with seizures, preventing a surgery that would otherwise completely alter the lifestyle of the child. The doctor found an alternative treatment to avoid surgery. It was then that Jeff Aronin chose his career and knew he could change people’s lives as well.

Jeff Aronin has been a leader and a major contributor to science ever since taking the healthcare industry by storm. The number one thing he wants to do is find solutions to certain bodily functions and conditions that can be improved, having that patient first mentality. His loyalty to his family and associates has rubbed off on everyone he surrounds himself with. Jeff Aronin’s attitude and the way he mentors in the community and during business, has had a positive impact on other entrepreneurs as well.

To this day, Jeff Aronin has definitely raised the bar for other startup companies in Chicago and has made a name for himself just being naturally compassionate and aware of other people’s needs. One thing you can learn from Jeff Aronin is while he is innovating science, he is also innovating himself in the process, showing how humble he really is. Unstoppable, relentless, and enthusiastic are the three words that best describe Jeff Aronin. He is undoubtedly deserving of the Weizmann Leadership Award!


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