Holistic Ways To Get You To Fall Asleep

Are you having trouble falling asleep? Before you reach for the Ambien or other sleep medication, try these natural ways to help you get to sleep. Medicines like Ambien can have side effects such as sleepwalking and eating while sleeping. The following holistic and natural ways to fall asleep are safe and can be done easily and quickly without the use of prescription drugs.


Caffeine may be keeping you awake at night. Try not to consume drinks that contain caffeine such as tea and coffee after 3 p.m. Alcoholic beverages can also disrupt your sleep. Don’t consume any alcohol at least 2-3 hours before calling it a night.


Heavy meals before bed can also inhibit your ability to fall asleep. Eat light or moderate meals before its time to go to bed. Avoiding spicy and greasy foods may also be a good idea. If you are hungry, however, you should get a light snack or meal. Hunger can keep you awake and prevent you from dozing off.


A great alternative to sleeping pills with side effects is all natural and delicious herbal tea. Chamomile tea can calm you down and help promote a good night’s sleep. This herbal tea should be readily available in supermarkets and health food stores. It is sold under Celestial Seasonings and Yogi Tea brands. Other herbal teas that can help you fall asleep are lemon balm and passion flower teas. You can also add honey to these teas for some flavor and additional medicinal effect.


Massaging certain points in your body can help relax you and put you to sleep. You can try some self-massage, have someone do a massage or go to an acupuncturist. This can not only relieve stress but help you get a good night’s rest.


Proper nutrition is essential for good health and sleep. If you lack vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, magnesium the B-vitamins or melatonin, then you may suffer from an inability to sleep or poor quality sleep at night. Consider taking a supplement or eating foods that are rich in these nutrients.

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