A Look At Some Of The Risks Of Holistic And Eastern Medicine

A British woman was found deceased in the room of a hotel after she attended a so-called session of slapping therapy. This is considered to be an alternative therapy that originated in China. Danielle Car-Gromm was 71 years old and had resided in East Sussex.

The British woman had previously attended slapping therapy sessions or Paida lajin as it is called in Chinese. She claimed that she had incredible results after the slapping therapy. The woman had suffered from diabetes. Although she was otherwise healthy and took care of health, she was diagnosed with diabetes in 1999.

An extreme and irrational fear or phobia of needles complicated the woman’s condition. She did not want to inject her self with insulin injections with a needle so she went out in search of an alternative cure for her diabetes. This led her to Paida lajin or Chinese slapping therapy.

The idea behind Paida lajin is that you can slap yourself or have someone slap you to improve your health. It supposedly is supposed to trigger a self-healing process and loosen any toxins within the body.

To me, it sounds like this slapping therapy is an extreme version of massage therapy and acupuncture therapy. Perhaps it can be useful for some people. Maybe it can loosen toxins or stimulate some healing. In this case, however, the slapping was so severe that the woman became bruised and vomited.

Such intense therapy is also probably not a good idea for an elderly woman. One needs to be careful of alternative and holistic medicine. They can really help manage certain diseases and provide benefits, but they should not replace the medicine that a doctor prescribes for a condition such as diabetes.

Danielle Car-Gromm’s drive for a holistic cure for diabetes ultimately led to her death. One should not think of holistic or eastern medicine as a cure-all or magical cure for serious issues. It can have some positive effects and should be tried and increased incrementally. This way, such tragedies can be avoided and legit practitioners of eastern medicine can continue helping patients with pain and other illness.

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