Holistic Care for Animals That Were Burn Victims

When most people think of holistic care, they imagine crystals, incense, and sipping different types of herbal teas. But this special kind of natural care is useful for much more than that. It can also help heal animals. A recent case of holistic care being effectively administered to animals was seen when an animal-care facility used it for treating bears and mountain lions who were badly burned by one of the most devastating fires in history that occurred in California.

The bears and mountain lions were laying on their sides for the majority of the time that they were at the animal-care facility because they were in too much pain to be able to walk. To escape the fires, they had to run through them, which created third-degree burns on their paws. And this made it impossible for them to walk.

Treating the burns was difficult for the veterinarians and other animal-care specialists because they had to administer anesthesia each time, which caused added stress to the animals. Pain pills hidden in their food wasn’t working either since the animals didn’t always eat them. On top of this, the cloth bandages that they tried to apply would become lodged in the animal’s intestines if they ate them.

So the animal-care specialists decided to switch to holistic remedies instead. As soon as they applied tilapia fish skin wraps, corn husks, and rice paper to the wounds, the animals began to walk again. They worked effectively because if the animals ate them, they wouldn’t cause them any harm. This was especially helpful in treating the burns since one young bear was very fond of eating the fish skin wraps.

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