The Holistic Approach To Ending Drama Is Simplicity

Humans love the mystery, stress, and intrigue that accompanies the drama we create in our lives. Drama is an energy-draining, time-sucking, distraction that turns our thoughts away from our dreams. And drama has a sneaky side. It plants seeds of resentment and elements of doubt in our lives, and we exacerbate those elements by focusing on the drama as it fights for its own survival. Drama has a way of turning a slight inconvenience into a catastrophic issue, and we get caught in the turmoil of those exaggerations. Dramatic exaggerations take on a life of their own. And we believe we are victims of that life, but we are actually the creators of it.

There is no medical pill or surgical operation that will stop us from creating drama in our lives. We can’t ask for help from friends because friends are usually part of the drama we create. No one is sure why they want to take part in stressful interactions. But we all, regardless of social and cultural differences, create some kind of drama in order to experience it. But one serious dramatic incident after another is enough for anyone to throw their hands up and cry, uncle. There is a way to eliminate drama, and the ancient holistic sages call it, “practicing simplicity.”

Practicing simplicity is the holistic approach to stopping the drama in our lives. Being simplistic means letting go of everything we don’t need in our lives. Simplicity takes the big issues we face and breaks them down into manageable steps. Those steps strengthen our confidence, and they produce a sense of accomplishment.

Simplicity starts in our imagination. When we develop the idea that we can accept all challenges as experiences we want to feel physically, the drama within those challenges dissipates. We begin to understand that we create drama for the experience. And when we accept and allow those self-created experiences to play out without giving them emotional strength, we discover there is simplicity in all our thoughts. We just have to cultivate it.

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