Western Researchers Discover What Eastern Doctors Already Know: The Mind Impacts Body Wellness

Eastern medicine is a thorn in the side of Western medicine. Western medicine tries to treat the symptoms of a breakdown in the body consciousness using drugs. Drugs are effective for the most part, but all those synthetic chemical compounds can make a person’s body consciousness do strange things. People who rely on prescription drugs to cure what ails them often suffer serious side effects that compromise normal bodily functions. Western doctors and drug companies built a drug-related medical mouse trap that helps relieve some symptoms, but at the same time, that trap creates a strange body environment that has to make adjustments in order to function normally.



Eastern medical professionals take a different approach to curing what ails the body. Instead of using foreign chemical compounds to treat patients, Eastern doctors use the power that latently sits in the mind. The Eastern way isn’t new. Eastern medical professionals use what their ancestors used to maintain a sense of wellness. After years of doubting the effectiveness of Eastern medical treatments, Western medical professionals are using the mind as a cure rather than drugs.



Eastern sages and spiritual leaders say everything that is physical is a thought first. In other words, people’s thoughts and emotions create what they experience. That simple statement is true in every situation including illness. Our thoughts are energy units, and they are as powerful as any rocket in existence. Stress, depression, and other mental thoughts alter organ functions. The negative energy of stress, anger, and other strong emotions stay in the body, and that energy impacts the regular life and death cycle of our cells. Those negative thoughts must find a way out of the body, or they will break down the immune system. That’s why meditation, Yoga, and reconnecting with your inner self are so important. Those methods release negative energy so, it doesn’t stay in the body.



It is hard for people in the Western world to embrace the notion that thoughts have energy and an electromagnetic quality to them, but according to Quantum physics they do. And according to Neuroscientists at the University of Pittsburgh, there is proof that the mind plays a major role in the body’s response in stressful situations.


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