Jeremy Goldstein Proud Founder of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC

When we are little we all happen to have careers that we dream of. It’s just the fact of rather we actually live that dream out or not. Sadly a good majority of us do not see our dreams come to life but this is not the case when it comes to Jeremy L. Goldstein.


New York City happens to be where Goldstein has spent his time practicing law over the last few years. Working in New York City has allowed him to change up his career a little and in return let him learn more in his career than what he had imagined. Once he had more practice under his belt Goldstein then decided it was time for his next career step. This happened to be him opening his very own firm.


Early in his life, Goldstein decided exactly what he wanted to achieve in a career. After that, he right away started doing whatever he could to meet his goals. One of the first things that he happened to of done was attending New York University School of Law, this is where he proudly achieved his J.D. After having completed law school he then took the next step in his career and started practicing law with a large variety of companies. While working at these companies he learned many new skills that he was able to take and use with other clients. Some of the first companies that he had worked with was a variety of cellular companies, multiple stockholder companies, banking companies and many more. Learn more:


The biggest achievement that Goldstein is still very proud of to this days remains to be his very own law firm. His firm is known as Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC. At his law firm, they are known for being able to give legal advice to many different individuals. Some of the clients that they proudly work with happen to be CEO’s, different corporations, compensation committees and also a large variety of management teams.


Currently, Goldstein is still trying his hardest to better his career each day. He is known as a man that constantly strives to make things as perfect for his clients as he possibly can. Along with all the other achievements that he happens to already have Goldstein also currently holds a seat on the American Bar Association Business Section. This is another one of his achievements that he is extremely proud of and strives to do his best at every day.

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