InStyle Staffers Try New Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Lime Crime is coming with a new line of lipsticks called Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and six inStyle magazine staffers have tried them out.

Teonna Flipping, an office manager for InStyle, gave LimeCrime Diamond Crushers a try. This lipstick has glitter, but she she still found them beautiful. She found lipstick to be non-sticky and to be easy over the lips. She thinks that this lipstick is an effortless way to improve your lip game.

LaShauna Williams, an InStyle Senior Editor, tried Lime Crime Crushers in Strip. She liked the bubble gum pink color and thinks that it would go nicely with the sparkles in my lips. She had some trouble covering her lips, but once the lipstick set, it set. A woman would enjoy going out on the town for evening.

Sarah Balch, Photo Editor for InStyle, says that LimeCrime Crushers in Dope had a soft rose color. She believes that this lipstick added shimmer and shine that made it wearable every day. She feels that this lipstick is great for a holiday party.

Marianne Mychaskiw, an Associate Beauty Editor for InStyle, gave LimeCrime Diamond Crushers in Choke a shot. She says that this lipstick had a sparkly pale pink color that matched the color of her high school prom dress. She feels that the lipstick made glitter a bit more pliable and it make the finish almost even. In the end, it made a sparkly gloss that would make girls of the 21st century proud.

Erin Lukas, a Beauty Writer for InStyle, wore LimeCrime Diamond Crushers in Fluke and likes the sparkly rosy pink color. She believes that the final look of this lipstick was a look she would have loved to have in middle school after watching the TV show called Lizzie McGuire.

Andrea Cheng, a Digital Fashion News Editor for InStyle, had trouble with Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit at first as she does not usually shiny or glittery, After getting some compliments, she decided that she liked the chrome-like gold foil effect. She thinks that the lipstick is great for holiday parties.

It seems that that the staffers at InStyle had positive feelings about the new Lime Crime brand of lipstick.

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