Clayton Hutson on His Entrepreneurial Journey in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson has several roles under his hat. He has been a tour manager, sound engineer, and production manager in big budget and small projects. His goal is for the artist to have perfect aesthetic performance in a show. Hutson studied theatre design in college after which he worked for several companies. Most of his roles were in live entertainment solutions in arenas, churches, festivals, tours, casinos, and live shows. He has worked with some of the legendary artists such as Guns’ n Roses’, kid rock, pink, and garbage.

Hutson knows his way around equipment during live shows. In March 2011 while working as a Tour Manager for Aaron Lewis album debut Town Line, he used the DiGiCo SD11. The SD11 came in handy as it was affordable and portable. In his words, the console was the perfect solution for the tour. He also used the SD7 while working as the headliner at Jill Scott live show. Hutson has been using DiGiCo equipment for more than ten years.

With immense experience, he chose to pursue entrepreneurship by opening his live entertainment company. The motivation to start his business came after the company he was working for was affected by the recession. His business covers all the aspects of event management. He is the guy who heads a team of professionals who make sure that an event goes smoothly. From the schedule to the layout of the platform, lighting, sound and set of equipment, he is in charge. He also prepares his staff to prepare when the show is almost coming to an end.

According to clay Hutson keeping up with technological advancements in the industry is a requirement if one wants to survive in the events business. Tech companies keep coming up with the latest models of equipment which offer something extra to the previous version. Also, fans and artists keep up with the trends. Some artists such as Pink choose to incorporate acrobats in their music which sets them apart in live performances.

Hutson believes that his journey in entrepreneurship has been successful because of good reputation in the industry and hard work. For him, the client’s willingness to be excellent is more important than anything else. He also must deliver his best to retain the client and get referrals from his outstanding work. He recommends “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff” for fellow entrepreneurs. One of his best quotes is by Thomas Jefferson “Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help a man with the wrong attitude”.  Learn more:

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