Joe Arpaio Pardoned : Much to the Dismay of Arizona Residents as well as Lacey and Larkin

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin have been influential in the process of advocating for civil liberties and human rights throughout the state of Arizona. Their efforts have established the Frontera Fund as well as other initiatives promoting civil liberties and workers rights.

Nevertheless, the recent decision that has been propagated by Donald Trump has pardoned Joe Arpaio. This former sheriff has committed numerous crimes that are going addressed and the decision undermines the ability for justice to be ensured for all citizens and residents of the United States.

Some of the horrible crimes that have been propagated by Joe Arpaio include holding suspected illegal immigrants or undocumented individuals hostage, and the wrongful death of numerous people without due cause or process. He has even used illegal detainment camps that are not part of the official prison structure of the US in order to target the people who he has profiled. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

A lot of cases have been shown against him due to the way that rights are not honored throughout the state of Arizona. Nevertheless, the pardon from Donald Trump speaks to a growing concern of corruption throughout the United States political system.

Overall there are a lot of reasons that these actions have created problems. The Frontera Fund was established to help migrant workers as well as immigrants access to proper legislative advise as well as legal council.

However, these causes have not been furthered in recent political decisions by Trump because of the way that crimes have gone unpunished. Lacey and Larkin explain that there is a lot of injustice throughout the system because these kinds of decisions allow corruption to continue.

Joe Arpaio had held numerous victims hostage in ‘tent city’ which was an unsanitary make shift prison. The conditions were brutal for victims who often had to sustain injuries and not receive medical attention.

Several people even died based on the way hat they could not take their prescribed medications while being held hostage. The harmful conditions of these facilities were documented by the New York Times much to the dismay of Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

While there have been a lot of efforts to document the misdeeds of this individual, it is clear that there are still a lot of crimes that have not surfaced.

Donald Trump’s pardon has wiped the slate clean for this murder and horrible politician who has a proven track record of misuse of power as well as illicit activity. The trend has been set by this decision and it is possible that other corruption may continue as a result.

Overall it is more important now than ever that the Frontera Fund provide consistent funds and advise to those who need the most help. It is clear that the Fund’s initiatives need to be supported in greater ways in order to overturn the outstanding evidence that corruption is allowed in our democratic system.

While Lacey and Larkin have established that there are a lot of ways Arpaio did not receive justice, it is possible to get better results in the future with a greater attention to civil liberties and rights.

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