OSI Industries Provides Fast Frozen Meats

OSI Industries was awarded the Globe of Honor Awards back in 2016 by the British Safety counsel because of their leading management of all environmental risks. The awards were given out at a luncheon which was given at Draper’s Hall back in November of 2016 in London. It was a wonderful event for those businesses who met the criterion of the competition. Here are the details of that momentum occasion.That were 18 organizations all over the world that were presented with that same award back in 2016.

The organizations had to demonstrate a commitment to bettering the environment through their efficient management.They had to demonstrate that information and have their submissions to the British Safety counsel’s team by August of 2015 for the 2016 awards in order to be considered for those awards.Mike Robinson, who is the Chief Executive at the British Safety Council was the one to present the awards to the recipients. When presenting those awards he mentioned that inspiration of people’s excellence is the goal of the story. That excellence is the heartbeat of OSI Industries.

It’s what makes it one of the leading suppliers of fast food and grocery stores anywhere in the world.This isn’t the first time the company has won awards. they have been winning awards and placing first for over a decade. Created in 1999 as OS, they originally began back at the beginning of the 20th century. Created by a German immigrant, the company has always had a focus on excellence. Their contribution to efficiency in management is the very essence of who they have always been. The restaurant industry could never have become what they did without OSI Industries providing the services that they do so very well. Here is what they provide.

– Hamburger patties to McDonald’s

– Chicken to KFC

– Various meats to grocery stores

– Various meat to fast food restaurants

They have come a long way since first opening their doors for business years ago. Since then they have perfected their quick freezing methods to provide some of the best meats in fast food and grocery stores anywhere.

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