Talk Fusion Technology, an Innovation of Bob Reina, Revolutionizes Video Emailing

Bob Reina was a police officer who was always looking out for a new stream of income. He was unfulfilled in his job, and the pay was demoralizing. One day, a man introduced him to network marketing. That marked his debut in multi-level marketing, which has propelled him to the success he enjoys today.



He embraced the idea and took to marketing products. He first targeted his colleagues. He carried the merchandise in his police car. Though he worked passionately, the companies he worked for often disappointed him. He had to start all over more than once.



A failed attempt to send a video recording via email got him thinking of coming up with a solution to that technology hitch. He decided to develop a product that he would market using the network-marketing model. With Dr. Jonathan Chen, a friend who had a background in IT, this dream came true in 2007. Bob Reina co-founded Talk Fusion.



The company revolutionized communication through emails by developing a technology that makes it both enjoyable and simple to send video emails. Creating video emails with a professional look is now possible thanks to Talk Fusion. Unlike conventional email messages that may not be read by the recipient, videos are easily noticed. They deliver the message to the recipient as intended.



To send and receive video emails on the Talk Fusion platform, you choose a theme, and make a recording of your video or upload it from another device. When you press the send button, the video email is transmitted to your recipient.



It is equally easy to receive a video email sent using the Talk Fusion technology. It appears on the face of the email, and you do not have to open another link to watch it. It does not come as an attachment that you have to open through a link. By clicking on the video, it automatically plays on your screen.



Talk Fusion Technology uses network marketing to get its products to its clients. Unlike other companies where you have to wait for your distributor earnings to mature, Talk Fusion’s pay plan is instant.



Giving and supporting community projects is the company’s policy. Bob Reina believes that giving propels you to success. He encourages distributors to help by donating at least one account to a worthy cause. He is a firm believer in touching lives and bringing positive change in other people’s lives.

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