Dr. Mark Holterman, More than Just a Pediatrician

Nothing is more important to a sick child and concerned parent, than finding a qualified pediatrician. One that is competent, well educated and compassionate. Dr. Mark Holterman is all these things and more. Dr. Holterman is an educator, surgeon, researcher and contributes to the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam.

He grew up on a farm in Wisconsin to parents who were not college educated. His accomplishments in high school led to his teacher recommending Yale as a potential university. His biology degree from Yale led to his medical school education at the University of Virginia. As a participant in an NIH program, he became a medical scientist.

During his tenure at UVA he met his future wife. She had graduated from Texas Christian University. The influence of each of their lives encouraged Mark to become a surgeon as well as a pediatrician. His interest in pediatrics inspired her to become a pediatric surgeon.

Dr. Holterman’s two decades of experience have led him to many endeavors. His is a full professor at the University of Illinois College of Medicine, teaching courses in surgery and pediatrics. He is a pediatric surgeon at the Children’s Hospital of Illinois, St. Francis Medical Center as well as the Advocate Christ Children’s Hospital. His surgical and pediatric prowess also leads to patients at the University of Illinois’ hospital facilities.

His research in c has led him to co-found The Hannah Sunshine Foundation. This auspicious organization seeks children that suffer from chronic illnesses that are rare and to grant them treatment on the cellular level. Stem cell treatment has become a passionate part of his research.

A visit to Vietnam was enlightening to Dr. Holterman. He and his wife visited a children’s hospital that was severely overcrowded. Many beds held three patients. Families were forced to travel long distances for help. He met with the hospitals chief surgeon and he, his wife Ai-Xuan and the surgeon created an American nonprofit in 2009. It was formed to establish clinics, reduce infection and to improve care of sick children.


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