Securus Technologies Shares Client Testimonials

I recently read a very interesting article regarding in-prison security technology. While, it’s something I may have not thought about in the past. It was very interesting to see how many crimes were prevented utilizing the technology from Securus.

Securus Technologies is the leading provider of technology solutions in correctional facilities. The software provided by Securus is in prisons and correctional facilities in North America. The press release included a sampling of testimonials from real clients that use the security system.


Securus has a wide array of technologies. In fact, Securus Technologies Chief Executive Officer, Rick Smith, said in the article that not a week goes by that the company doesn’t either develop a new security technology or improve on one they already have in place.


Although there were thousands of testimonials, some of the most interesting I found are below.


First, one testimonial stated that by using Securus Technologies they were able to find a corrupt staff member by monitoring phone calls. Second, one testimonial stated that by monitoring phone calls the prison was able to find a ring of people who were selling drugs, alcohol and laundering money inside the prison walls. Another one was a simple statement saying that the prison was highly impressed with Securus’ capabilities and the company’s continually emerging and evolving technologies. One I found particularly interesting was the monitoring of a phone call between two brothers. The phone call revealed that one brother, the inmate, was attempting to coerce his other brother into providing a fake alibi for him. The other brother had never been in trouble in his life and would have been prosecuted for perjury. The prosecution was able to utilize the phone call tape to prosecute the inmate.


It is interesting to think about crime inside prison walls. However, it makes me appreciate technology like this is keeping everyone safe.


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