OPSkin’s Malcolm CasSelle launches WAX

OPSkins Organization is on the limelight. It is the world’s number one bitcoin dealer, a prime candidate in the fuels of the size of market and user demand for a decentralized portal. It is the world’s leading seller of in-game virtual assets, has numerous clients from all over the planet and above all that is launching a new product by the name WAX in full, Worldwide Asset Exchange.


WAX is a p2p trading market for computer-generated assets. It is built on a blockchain basis and decentralized smart contacts that will enable for traders effectively to trade virtual products with one another. WAX is set to be a solution to the hitches of fraud and geographic fragmentation in the virtual assets market. This platform will allow the clients to tokenize their gaming assets and spontaneously trade them with fellow gamers without even clicking on their monitors. There is also the aspect of wax tokens which acts as a smart contact for trading and a store value for purchasing game tools. This new product was launched under the leadership of Malcolm CasSelle who is very positive about it.


Malcolm CasSelle is a business mogul who acts as the C.I.O of OPSkins. He has a Master’s from the University of Stanford and a degree from MIT in Computer Science. He was the founder of one of the Afrocentric culture media production sites, NetNoir. He also previously worked as a consultant to the Pacific Century CyberWorks’s CEO and also held the position of CEO of the global social network in the year 2012. CasSelle also took part in the founding of a social media tracking software called Timeline Lab and purchased SeaChance org at the end of 2012 and served as its GM and senior vice president for four years after which she Tronc’s CTO of new ventures.


In the year 2017, CasSelle took on the role of CIO at OPSkins and has since then done a phenomenal job in the establishment. Other than his work at OPSkins, He is also an active investor in companies like Zynga, Facebook and a number of companies that are in the business of bitcoins. Malcolm has shown great satisfaction and anticipation in the launch of her latest project, WAX.


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