Clayton Hutson on His Entrepreneurial Journey in the Music Industry

Clay Hutson has several roles under his hat. He has been a tour manager, sound engineer, and production manager in big budget and small projects. His goal is for the artist to have perfect aesthetic performance in a show. Hutson studied theatre design in college after which he worked for several companies. Most of his roles were in live entertainment solutions in arenas, churches, festivals, tours, casinos, and live shows. He has worked with some of the legendary artists such as Guns’ n Roses’, kid rock, pink, and garbage.

Hutson knows his way around equipment during live shows. In March 2011 while working as a Tour Manager for Aaron Lewis album debut Town Line, he used the DiGiCo SD11. The SD11 came in handy as it was affordable and portable. In his words, the console was the perfect solution for the tour. He also used the SD7 while working as the headliner at Jill Scott live show. Hutson has been using DiGiCo equipment for more than ten years.

With immense experience, he chose to pursue entrepreneurship by opening his live entertainment company. The motivation to start his business came after the company he was working for was affected by the recession. His business covers all the aspects of event management. He is the guy who heads a team of professionals who make sure that an event goes smoothly. From the schedule to the layout of the platform, lighting, sound and set of equipment, he is in charge. He also prepares his staff to prepare when the show is almost coming to an end.

According to clay Hutson keeping up with technological advancements in the industry is a requirement if one wants to survive in the events business. Tech companies keep coming up with the latest models of equipment which offer something extra to the previous version. Also, fans and artists keep up with the trends. Some artists such as Pink choose to incorporate acrobats in their music which sets them apart in live performances.

Hutson believes that his journey in entrepreneurship has been successful because of good reputation in the industry and hard work. For him, the client’s willingness to be excellent is more important than anything else. He also must deliver his best to retain the client and get referrals from his outstanding work. He recommends “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff, And It’s All Small Stuff” for fellow entrepreneurs. One of his best quotes is by Thomas Jefferson “Nothing can stop a man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal. Nothing on earth can help a man with the wrong attitude”.  Learn more:

InStyle Staffers Try New Lime Crime Diamond Crushers

Lime Crime is coming with a new line of lipsticks called Diamond Crushers Lip Toppers and six inStyle magazine staffers have tried them out.

Teonna Flipping, an office manager for InStyle, gave LimeCrime Diamond Crushers a try. This lipstick has glitter, but she she still found them beautiful. She found lipstick to be non-sticky and to be easy over the lips. She thinks that this lipstick is an effortless way to improve your lip game.

LaShauna Williams, an InStyle Senior Editor, tried Lime Crime Crushers in Strip. She liked the bubble gum pink color and thinks that it would go nicely with the sparkles in my lips. She had some trouble covering her lips, but once the lipstick set, it set. A woman would enjoy going out on the town for evening.

Sarah Balch, Photo Editor for InStyle, says that LimeCrime Crushers in Dope had a soft rose color. She believes that this lipstick added shimmer and shine that made it wearable every day. She feels that this lipstick is great for a holiday party.

Marianne Mychaskiw, an Associate Beauty Editor for InStyle, gave LimeCrime Diamond Crushers in Choke a shot. She says that this lipstick had a sparkly pale pink color that matched the color of her high school prom dress. She feels that the lipstick made glitter a bit more pliable and it make the finish almost even. In the end, it made a sparkly gloss that would make girls of the 21st century proud.

Erin Lukas, a Beauty Writer for InStyle, wore LimeCrime Diamond Crushers in Fluke and likes the sparkly rosy pink color. She believes that the final look of this lipstick was a look she would have loved to have in middle school after watching the TV show called Lizzie McGuire.

Andrea Cheng, a Digital Fashion News Editor for InStyle, had trouble with Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in Lit at first as she does not usually shiny or glittery, After getting some compliments, she decided that she liked the chrome-like gold foil effect. She thinks that the lipstick is great for holiday parties.

It seems that that the staffers at InStyle had positive feelings about the new Lime Crime brand of lipstick.

Knowing The Difference Between Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Have you heard about aromatherapy? Chances are you probably have. What about essential oils? This is something that is far less known and even less understood. I break down the differences between aromatherapy and essential oils.

As its name implies, aromatherapy uses aroma or scents to help calm the mind, promote a feeling of pleasantness or relaxation and boost mood. It may seem weird, but yes scents can have a powerful impact on our bodies and brain. Some of it is psychological, and some of it is biological or can be explained by actual science. Here are some more details.

Many people assume that aromatherapy products will contain natural oils extracted from plants. This is not always the case! Many aromatherapy products have perfume or fragrances that are artificial or chemically derived. They may still smell great and have an impact, but they are not all natural like many people assume. Such chemically derived aromatherapy products may also lack the real healing effects that real essential oil will have.

It is highly recommended that the next time you want to purchase an aromatherapy product that you read the ingredient list. If you are just looking for a scented product, then this will not be that important. However, if you want an all-natural product that has a stronger effect on your body, then you need to purchase aromatherapy products that have an extract of essential oil or essential oils as the main ingredients.

Essential oils are plant extracts that have strong scents and healing properties. Many of them are antibacterial and antifungal. Some also have psychological effects such as calming our nerves and promoting sleep. Others have healing effects such as helping to clear skin infections and decongesting stuffy noises. The only real way to know which oils will work best for you is to experiment and try them out. So get experimenting!

Rocketship Education Enables Children a Rare Opportunity

Rocketship Education is changing lives one person at a time. It is a non-profit, public charter elementary school organization that offers students in economically distressed areas a new chance for a quality education. Rocketship locates its learning centers in lower-income areas where the quality of education is poor, or non-existent.

In areas such as this, the tax base has more than likely largely disappeared, leaving little to no funds with which to fund a good school program. This situation leaves students in a difficult situation called an educational gap. This is a dilemma in which students will likely never recover from, and it is a permanent situation in most instances.

Rocketship is an elementary school because this is the age where it is so important that these children get started on the right foundation properly, or they will be forever slighted in the basics of reading, math, reasoning, and so many other basic skills.

Rocketship believes that children are full of amazing potential and all it takes is to help them discover that potential and turn it into a reality. They believe in educating the whole child by not only teaching basic skills, but also instilling the core values of responsibility, empathy, persistence, and respect. These are values that are necessary for being a good citizen as well as a good student.

Rocketships Educations takes a great deal of time to develop partnership relationships with the community, the parents, the talented teachers, and the students. The parental partnership is one of the key drivers of the whole program. When the parents get fully involved, and they do, the difference in student performance is positively multiplied many times over.

Students have a rigorous curriculum in math, science, social studies, along with art, dancing, music, and other lifestyle subjects. Each child learns differently, yet can reach the same levels of achievement by individual mapping what the student’s capacity is and where they need to be to achieve mastery in a subject.

Rather than just the traditional classroom where students sit and listen for 7 or 8 hours a day, the students move through larger class settings for organizational and general announcements but spend most of their time in smaller groups, digital centers, and individual tutoring.

The results are staggering as the average Rocketship student completes the requirement for graduation a full year ahead of peers in the public schools.


In recent years, scientists have done research and have found that Americans are actually sleeping longer than back in 2003. The average American sleeps an average of 18 more minutes a weeknight compared to 2003. As other research has shown, a good night’s sleep is linked with higher levels of thinking, better judgement, more awareness, and more creativity. In general, there have been incremental gains over the past 13 years in the total time a person sleeps per night. On average, Americans have been gaining a whopping 1.4 minutes of sleep each night each year over the past 13 years. As you’d expect, more people slept longer on the weekends.

Overall, most Americans are now getting over 8 hours of sleep each night. However, the CDC predicts that at least a third of adults suffer from insufficient sleep. The insufficiency has been linked to many health problems like heart disease and type two diabetes. The good news is that there are many things you can focus on to make sure you get the sleep you deserve. One of the biggest factors is limiting screen time before bed. The blue light from your device messes with your body’s natural melatonin levels, causing your brain to think that it’s the middle of the day when in reality it’s nighttime. Another thing you could do is create a consistent routine. Go to sleep at the same time each night and follow the same activities leading up to sleep, whether that be reading a book or meditation. Also, avoid daytime naps as these can also affect your natural sleep cycle.

In the end, sleep is very important to our body both physiologically and mentally. It balances hormones, repairs the body, and refreshes our brain. If you fail to make sleep a priority, your body will feel it later on.

Grounding With Earth’s Natural Energy May Provide Wide-Ranging Health Effects

When all else fails, maybe the earth can heal you. That’s what advocates of a holistic treatment called “grounding” say. The idea is to spend a certain amount of time each day being directly connected to the surface of our earth.

The theory is that, in our modern society, most of us almost never make direct contact with the earth anymore. If we are outside, we almost always wear shoes. But most shoes today have synthetic soles made of hard rubber, foam or highly processed leather.

True, sometimes we go barefoot on the beach or take our shoes off to wiggle our toes in the grass, but these are rare events.

Our loss of contact with the earth cuts us off from the natural magnetic forces generated by the planet, grounding experts say. Throughout thousands of years of evolution, or ancestors were in constant contact with the ground. If they wore shoes, they were made of natural animals hides or untreated leathers.

Losing our contact with the earth is causing an array of diseases and health problems, grounding researchers suggest.

Now a scientific study has found evidence to back this up. The Journal of Sports Medicine reports that 32 men who used “grounding equipment’ could recover faster from inflammation produced by extreme exercise.

Biofield tuning expert Eileen Day McKusick was suffering from severe hot flashes and a debilitating rash on her feet. She stopped wearing synthetic shoes and switched to hand-made moccasins constructed of natural, soft leather. She says her feet cleared up in one week and her hot flashes vanished in two weeks. She is convinced that grounding with the earth’s natural energies produced the healing effect.

Grounbing can be done in many ways, from simply going barefoot a lot more, to employing special conductive mattress pads that won’t block the flow of energy between earth and body during sleep.

How Holistic Medicine Can Improve Neural Pathways

There are millions of people all over the world who practice holistic medicine. Holistic medicine is a great way for people to improve their overall health and wellness. One of the biggest benefits of utilizing holistic medicine is the cognitive improvement that many people experience.

There are new studies that show holistic medicine can strengthen neural pathways within the brain. In a modern society, most people are stressed throughout the day. As a result, cognitive performance declines over a long period of time. By concentrating on improving lifestyle habits, people can experience a huge increase in their overall quality of life.

Reducing Stress

One of the most important aspects of living a healthy lifestyle is to reduce stress. Some people have stressful jobs to deal with. Prolonged periods of high stress have been proven to cause numerous health issues for people.

Many people are starting to realize the benefits of reducing stress. One of the best ways to reduce stress is to simply get enough sleep each night. There are many people who neglect sleep in order to work additional hours each day. Although this may help improve a person’s career, it is not the best approach for someone who wants to minimize stress.

Learning More About Holistic Medicine

Many people interested in holistic medicine are excited about a new book coming out on the subject. In the book, there are practical ways that people can improve their cognitive performance utilizing holistic medicine.

Although modern medicine has provided many benefits for society, there are still reasons that people should understand and practice holistic medicine. Living a healthy lifestyle is essential to improving cognitive performance and energy levels throughout the day.

Joe Arpaio Pardoned : Much to the Dismay of Arizona Residents as well as Lacey and Larkin

Jim Lacey and Michael Larkin have been influential in the process of advocating for civil liberties and human rights throughout the state of Arizona. Their efforts have established the Frontera Fund as well as other initiatives promoting civil liberties and workers rights.

Nevertheless, the recent decision that has been propagated by Donald Trump has pardoned Joe Arpaio. This former sheriff has committed numerous crimes that are going addressed and the decision undermines the ability for justice to be ensured for all citizens and residents of the United States.

Some of the horrible crimes that have been propagated by Joe Arpaio include holding suspected illegal immigrants or undocumented individuals hostage, and the wrongful death of numerous people without due cause or process. He has even used illegal detainment camps that are not part of the official prison structure of the US in order to target the people who he has profiled. Read more: Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia and Michael Lacey | Twitter

A lot of cases have been shown against him due to the way that rights are not honored throughout the state of Arizona. Nevertheless, the pardon from Donald Trump speaks to a growing concern of corruption throughout the United States political system.

Overall there are a lot of reasons that these actions have created problems. The Frontera Fund was established to help migrant workers as well as immigrants access to proper legislative advise as well as legal council.

However, these causes have not been furthered in recent political decisions by Trump because of the way that crimes have gone unpunished. Lacey and Larkin explain that there is a lot of injustice throughout the system because these kinds of decisions allow corruption to continue.

Joe Arpaio had held numerous victims hostage in ‘tent city’ which was an unsanitary make shift prison. The conditions were brutal for victims who often had to sustain injuries and not receive medical attention.

Several people even died based on the way hat they could not take their prescribed medications while being held hostage. The harmful conditions of these facilities were documented by the New York Times much to the dismay of Arpaio. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

While there have been a lot of efforts to document the misdeeds of this individual, it is clear that there are still a lot of crimes that have not surfaced.

Donald Trump’s pardon has wiped the slate clean for this murder and horrible politician who has a proven track record of misuse of power as well as illicit activity. The trend has been set by this decision and it is possible that other corruption may continue as a result.

Overall it is more important now than ever that the Frontera Fund provide consistent funds and advise to those who need the most help. It is clear that the Fund’s initiatives need to be supported in greater ways in order to overturn the outstanding evidence that corruption is allowed in our democratic system.

While Lacey and Larkin have established that there are a lot of ways Arpaio did not receive justice, it is possible to get better results in the future with a greater attention to civil liberties and rights.

Korean Medicine Center to Open at Olympic Games

Markets Insider recently reported that the Korean Medicine Center in Gangneung Media Village will serve the Olympic community during the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Games. This is an exciting new development because the Korean Medicine Center is planning to offer holistic and traditional eastern medical treatments that many visitors to Korea might not otherwise get to experience in their home countries. It is also good new for the athletes from eastern countries who are accustomed to these types of medical treatments and care and would otherwise not have access to them during the highlight of their athletic careers.

The first opening of a Korean Medicine Center was in 2014, also during an international sports competition. The quality and timeliness of care was well received during that event, and word quickly spread that the Korean Medicine Center was a prime choice for these types of venues. The Korean Medicine Center will be available to spectators, athletes and members of the press corps for the entire 42 days of the Olympic games this year.

Many of the treatments offered by the Korean Medicine Center are based on Dongui Bogam, a book authored by Heo Jun that discusses eastern medicine. There is a strong emphasis on the prevention of injury and disease instead of simply treating current symptoms. Doctors trained under this method are encouraged to get at the root of patients’ problems so that they can provide the most holistic type of care.

In addition to providing treatment as needed, the Korean Medicine Center will also allow members of the press to observe some of the traditional forms of eastern medicine so that they can broaden their understanding of the healthcare options available in the eastern hemisphere. It will certainly be a cultural opportunity not be missed for those attending.

Clonal Hematopoiesis

In medicine today, many scientists are trying to figure out why so many people are dying from heart attacks or strokes even though they display limited symptoms. Researchers have found that it has something to do with the bone marrow. Scientists have found that the mutation of stem cells within the bone marrow can increase a person’s chances of dying in a decade by 50%! They have termed this condition as clonal hematopoiesis or CHIP for short. In fact, this disease is so powerful that it has greater effects of causing a stroke or a heart attack more than high blood pressure or high cholesterol levels do.

Even though you might be unfamiliar with the disease, it’s not as uncommon as you think. Many people in the later stages of life have a higher probability of being diagnosed with the disease. A whopping 50 percent of people in their 80s most likely have an underlying form of the disease that has not been diagnosed. Unfortunately, there are not many things you can do to prevent the disease. A lot of it is just bad luck.

Scientists have done many studies on the white blood cells and they all had the same conclusion. The blood cells that had been mutated were linked with leukemia even though the patients didn’t have leukemia. They just had clusters of mutations within the bone marrow. In short, the stem cells in the bone marrow produce countless amounts of blood cells everyday. When a stem cell gets mutated, the blood cells it develops also have the mutation. The mutations ultimately spread to every stem cell within the marrow, forming a tumor.

All in all, CHIP is a relatively new discovery that researchers don’t know much about. Common sense would say it’s best to implement a healthy diet and an active lifestyle to combat many diseases. However, like the current research stated, there’s really no way of preventing CHIP.