How Boraie Development Is Helping New Jersey’s Housing Crunch

The state of New Jersey has a housing problem. There are not enough residences to buy for the people who want to own them. This is because of a number of reasons. First, New Jersey is already a densely populated place so it’s difficult to find places to build new houses. Second, there are a number of foreclosed properties that are sitting empty while the banks decide what to do with them which takes a very long time. Third, many homeowners are staying put and so the number of houses on the market for buyers is quite low.

There are some towns around New Jersey that do have an excellent amount of housing inventory matched with a lot of demand for them. People are willing to move out of the cities, where housing is very expensive, and instead buy a home near a transit station that will whisk them back and forth to work. Some millennials are also now looking for housing in suburbs as they finally start to have children.

Boraie Development is a property developer and manager that has been building housing in New Jersey since the 1970s. Their market is primarily luxury developments that are located in downtown cores. They have a number of residential towers in New Brunswick, where they’re headquartered, as well as in Atlantic City and Newark. They offer homes with modern amenities such as exercise rooms, pools, and space where residents can hold a party with more guests than what their apartment or condo would comfortably allow. They also build hotels, retail, as well as student housing structures.

Sam Boraie has developed professional relationships with architects, contractors, and bankers who build their buildings. After the building has gone up this firm handles all of its operations. They focus on developing long-term relationships with their residents and tenants who occupy their buildings. They meticulously manage the properties and are quick to take care of any maintenance issues that might occur. Check out their website to see more.

One of their most popular buildings for those looking for a new home is The Aspire. This building is 17 stories tall and features luxury housing touches. Another big benefit is that it is right next door to a train station that goes to New York City on a direct access basis. a two-bedroom unit costs $2,800 per month and it has been favorably compared to luxury units in Manhattan. You can visit their website for more.


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