Lime Crime and Revolve Announce Their Launch In China

Lime Crime is trying a different approach to launching their products in China. Their new approach is a response to a requirement in the country, which Global General Manager Kim Walls discussed at the Conference in Los Angeles.

In China, cosmetics must be tested on animals if they are being sold via wholesale. Lime Crime is a vegan brand that does not test their cosmetics on animals. The company can avoid that requirement if they ship their products right from the United States. However, shipping directly to China would make taxes, transportation and international returns difficult. The customer inquiries would also be in a foreign language, and this means more work for those working in customer service. The company also found out that many of their lip toppers were counterfeit, and the counterfeit products were sold to customers in China through different marketplaces.

Lime Crime has found a solution that makes it possible to launch in China. The company has decided to partner with a Los Angeles company known as Revolve. Revolve is an e-commerce fashion platform that is looking to expand into the beauty world. Lime Crime and Revolve service the same type of customers and have a similar perspective.

Lime Crime prepared for the launch by building an audience in China, and they built this audience by encouraging customers to visit the official website and social media accounts of Revolve. It was their way of letting customers know that Revolve was the only source of legitimate products in China. Fans could also access the Revolve e-commerce hub two hours before the official launch. Lime Crime and Revolve worked together to help spread the word of their new partnership.

The company has worked with a range of individuals for this project. They prefer to work with individuals who are not well-known but passionate about the brand, and these individuals would be generating content or speaking on behalf of Lime Crime.

Customers can purchase Lime Crime products such as the Diamond Crushers, Velvetine Lipsticks and Hi-Lite Palettes through Revolve. Lime Crime and Revolve are working hard to make their launch in China a success.

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