James Dondero & The Legacy Campaign

President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James “Jim” Dondero, is a Texas businessman and Philanthropist. As a graduate from the University of Virginia (Beta Gamma Sigma & Beta Alpha Psi) he holds a CPA, CMA, and CFA. Before founding HCM in 1993, along with Mark Okada, Dondero worked as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life, helping them to bank over $2 billion dollars within 4 years(89-93). Dondero has also been a Corporate Bond Analyst as well as Portfolio Manager at American Express(85-89). With three decades in the financial industry, his main focuses have been on high-yield and distressed investments in the credit and equity markets. Read this article at barrons.com.

During October of 2016 Dondero and the Highland Dallas Foundation INC, a philanthropic branch of HCM, announced a $1 million dollar pledge to The Family Place and their Legacy Campaign. TFP is the premiere organization based in the Dallas area which aids victims of family related abuse. Since their founding in 1978 the group has answered over half a million calls for help, provided shelter to over 22,000 abuse victims, and counseled around a quarter of a million people.

The Legacy Campaign was launched by TFP in the hopes to secure the $16.5 million dollars needed to build a new center for victims of domestic abuse. The proposed facility would provide over a dozen emergency shelter rooms, clinics, a hotline call center, counseling rooms, and career training as well as providing housing for abuse victims pets and a child development and care center. Projections for the project indicated that over 2000 victims of abuse in the Dallas area would be served annually within the new building which would be named after Ann Moody. The building would also be home to the “Be Project” which provides educational tools to several thousand students on the subjects such as teen dating violence and bullying. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Thanks in part to the more than generous donation from James Dondero and HCM, the Legacy Campaign by TFP ended in success. The Ann Moody building was finished this past June (2017). during the opening ceremony 16 butterflies were released on the property in loving memory of the 16 women who lost their lives to domestic abuse in the Dallas area previously in 2015.

Read: https://www.nexbank.com/james-dondero.htm

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