George Soros Prepares The Open Society Foundation In Wake Of Trump Administration.

There is a rising tide of change engulfing Washington D.C. and global climate change has very little to do with it. Instead, what we have is a political world in complete upheaval. The electoral campaign of Donald Trump, reality TV show and rich-kid heir, was one earmarked by the worst traits of humanity – anger, violent rhetoric, divisiveness, and a blatant disregard for the common man and woman. Throughout Trump’s unlikely rise there were many politicians snickering into their hands, thinking it all a joke that would eventually end on a flat punchline. This was, obviously, not the case. Donald Trump won an asterisk marked election and took his role in the White House. Among those voices never daring to crack a smile was George Soros, a progressive billionaire, and world-renowned philanthropist. In the wake of Trump’s election, it was revealed through financial disclosure forms that Soros had moved the bulk of his wealth to charity in order to establish what some may call a sort of resistance.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in the ’70s with the sole goal of creating a network of grants that could help to fund grassroots foundations all around the world in the hunt for progressive justice, social causes, and humanitarian equity. The Open Society Foundations has, to date, given more than $18 billion to foundations around the world en route to making a very real impact on the world. From the Ebola epidemic which received aid from the OSF all the way to the march for marriage equality in the United States, the OSF has been there. Now, it was revealed that Soros has given an additional $18 billion to the foundation, thus transferring the bulk of his wealth to the foundation. This eye-popping donation seems to make one thing clear: Soros is prepping his legacy and looking to help as many people as possible in the face of Trump’s disastrous administration.

George Soros was born in Hungary and as a teenager, he came face-to-face with the very worst that mankind had to offer: the Nazi regime. Nazis marched into Hungary and occupied the country for a full year, killing a horrific amount of Hungarian-born Jews along the way. Soros and his family were lucky to escape because they wouldn’t leave until having helped as many people as possible. Eventually, the Soros family did escape and they emigrated to London. Here, Soros would learn about the Open Society as written by renowned author Karl Popper. This work would make an impact on Soros and we can see that in the foundation he started in the ’70s.

Despite Soros’ continued efforts to bring out the best in people, he is still consistently vilified by members of the conservative party. There has been a concentrated effort to discredit progressive philanthropists over the years and it is due in large part to the work that Soros has done. Conservative media has made it abundantly clear that they are cowed by the fact that Soros can afford to go toe-to-toe with any media giant in the world and it looks like he is prepared to do it for the foreseeable future.

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