Lime Crime Partners With Revolve to Launch in China

When Lime Crime decided to sell their vegan and cruelty-free makeup in the China market, they encountered a few obstacles. In turn, they adopted a unique approach to face a set of differing dynamics. The biggest one involved how their cosmetics were tested.

Chinese mandates state that any cosmetics sold wholesale need to be tested on animals beforehand. This didn’t work for conscious business. Lime Crime could have avoided this by shipping directly from their United States warehouses. However, the complex world of transportation and duties ended that idea.

Instead, Lime Crime took another road by partnering with e-commerce fashion platform Revolve. Together, the cosmetics company built a small tribe of Chinese consumers with encouragement to visit Revolve’s e-commerce service after they visited their social media sites. Those who were already fans of the product were able to visit the e-commerce site two hours before the official launch. This helped spread word across other social media platforms and via smart devices.

They combined this with authoritative content offered by influencers in the cosmetics and fashion worlds. These “top tier” individuals spoke passionately about Lime Crime’s products to generate the proper content. Mentions by these authoritative individuals increased excitement throughout social media and resulted in a successful launch.

During this process, Lime Crime realized the path to success was not a one-way road. There are many avenues to select when releasing products to areas which crave it but may not have the opportunity to make the necessary purchases. Something the company now understands for their next launch.

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