How Boraie Development Is Helping New Jersey’s Housing Crunch

The state of New Jersey has a housing problem. There are not enough residences to buy for the people who want to own them. This is because of a number of reasons. First, New Jersey is already a densely populated place so it’s difficult to find places to build new houses. Second, there are a number of foreclosed properties that are sitting empty while the banks decide what to do with them which takes a very long time. Third, many homeowners are staying put and so the number of houses on the market for buyers is quite low.

There are some towns around New Jersey that do have an excellent amount of housing inventory matched with a lot of demand for them. People are willing to move out of the cities, where housing is very expensive, and instead buy a home near a transit station that will whisk them back and forth to work. Some millennials are also now looking for housing in suburbs as they finally start to have children.

Boraie Development is a property developer and manager that has been building housing in New Jersey since the 1970s. Their market is primarily luxury developments that are located in downtown cores. They have a number of residential towers in New Brunswick, where they’re headquartered, as well as in Atlantic City and Newark. They offer homes with modern amenities such as exercise rooms, pools, and space where residents can hold a party with more guests than what their apartment or condo would comfortably allow. They also build hotels, retail, as well as student housing structures.

Sam Boraie has developed professional relationships with architects, contractors, and bankers who build their buildings. After the building has gone up this firm handles all of its operations. They focus on developing long-term relationships with their residents and tenants who occupy their buildings. They meticulously manage the properties and are quick to take care of any maintenance issues that might occur. Check out their website to see more.

One of their most popular buildings for those looking for a new home is The Aspire. This building is 17 stories tall and features luxury housing touches. Another big benefit is that it is right next door to a train station that goes to New York City on a direct access basis. a two-bedroom unit costs $2,800 per month and it has been favorably compared to luxury units in Manhattan. You can visit their website for more.


Lime Crime and Revolve Announce Their Launch In China

Lime Crime is trying a different approach to launching their products in China. Their new approach is a response to a requirement in the country, which Global General Manager Kim Walls discussed at the Conference in Los Angeles.

In China, cosmetics must be tested on animals if they are being sold via wholesale. Lime Crime is a vegan brand that does not test their cosmetics on animals. The company can avoid that requirement if they ship their products right from the United States. However, shipping directly to China would make taxes, transportation and international returns difficult. The customer inquiries would also be in a foreign language, and this means more work for those working in customer service. The company also found out that many of their lip toppers were counterfeit, and the counterfeit products were sold to customers in China through different marketplaces.

Lime Crime has found a solution that makes it possible to launch in China. The company has decided to partner with a Los Angeles company known as Revolve. Revolve is an e-commerce fashion platform that is looking to expand into the beauty world. Lime Crime and Revolve service the same type of customers and have a similar perspective.

Lime Crime prepared for the launch by building an audience in China, and they built this audience by encouraging customers to visit the official website and social media accounts of Revolve. It was their way of letting customers know that Revolve was the only source of legitimate products in China. Fans could also access the Revolve e-commerce hub two hours before the official launch. Lime Crime and Revolve worked together to help spread the word of their new partnership.

The company has worked with a range of individuals for this project. They prefer to work with individuals who are not well-known but passionate about the brand, and these individuals would be generating content or speaking on behalf of Lime Crime.

Customers can purchase Lime Crime products such as the Diamond Crushers, Velvetine Lipsticks and Hi-Lite Palettes through Revolve. Lime Crime and Revolve are working hard to make their launch in China a success.

Betsy Davis – Champion of Choice

Betsy DeVos squeaked through her appointment as President Donald Trumps Secretary of Education on a 51-50 vote, with Vice President Pence casting the deciding vote. She has a reputation for being polite in public, but a fierce fighter when it comes to politics. Betsy’s vision for the future is that all parents, wherever they live, are able to choose the best educational opportunities for their children and for all to have the chance to live up to their natural potential.


Her plan for achieving that goal is to offer parents a range of choices among educational options. Charter schools, homeschooling, digital learning, blended learning, vouchers and tax credits, virtual schools, and magnet schools she considers all of them valid possibilities.


Charter Schools


The West Michigan Aviation Academy is an example of a tuition-free public charter high school, where ‘attitude meets altitude.‘ The school’s high academic standards help propel students into careers as pilots, airport administrators, or aeronautical engineers. Kids receive hands-on training and the chance to fly a glider when they enter 9th grade. Critically, kids are highly motivated to excel in courses in science and math.




Betsy sees this as a valid educational choice. Disenchanted with their lack of power to determine in which school their children are educated, parents increasing numbers of parents, including in urban areas, are taking charge of their children’s futures and educating them at home. This is not necessarily limited to mothers and fathers, some of whom may not have done that well in school themselves, struggling to relay tricky concepts in mathematics alongside the nuances of party politics throughout American History. Professional, paid tutors may also play a crucial role.


Digital Learning


How many of us have watched in awe as a two-year-old deftly navigates their parents’ tablet computer to play a game or watch Moana for the tenth time. Kids have an amazing capacity to learn technology. Digital learning embraces that capability. Remember sitting resentfully through a half-hour lecture on a hot afternoon listening to someone drone on about something? How much more you could have learned while engaging in a program that made learning fun.


Magnet Schools


Magnet schools are public schools with specialized curricula. The term ‘magnet‘ refers to their ability to draw students across normal boundaries designated by authorities. Nationwide, there are more than four thousand magnet schools educating an estimated 3.5 million children. Educational themes in magnet schools include:



  • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  • International Studies
  • Arts/Performing Arts
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Languages (immersion and nonimmersion)



Indeed, Betsy DeVos may have some controversial ideas on who uses what bathrooms and have scant experience inside government. For all her perceived faults, her heart is in the right place as far as educating our nation’s children is concerned, and she does get things done. Learn more:

James Dondero & The Legacy Campaign

President and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, James “Jim” Dondero, is a Texas businessman and Philanthropist. As a graduate from the University of Virginia (Beta Gamma Sigma & Beta Alpha Psi) he holds a CPA, CMA, and CFA. Before founding HCM in 1993, along with Mark Okada, Dondero worked as the Chief Investment Officer of GIC, a subsidiary of Protective Life, helping them to bank over $2 billion dollars within 4 years(89-93). Dondero has also been a Corporate Bond Analyst as well as Portfolio Manager at American Express(85-89). With three decades in the financial industry, his main focuses have been on high-yield and distressed investments in the credit and equity markets. Read this article at

During October of 2016 Dondero and the Highland Dallas Foundation INC, a philanthropic branch of HCM, announced a $1 million dollar pledge to The Family Place and their Legacy Campaign. TFP is the premiere organization based in the Dallas area which aids victims of family related abuse. Since their founding in 1978 the group has answered over half a million calls for help, provided shelter to over 22,000 abuse victims, and counseled around a quarter of a million people.

The Legacy Campaign was launched by TFP in the hopes to secure the $16.5 million dollars needed to build a new center for victims of domestic abuse. The proposed facility would provide over a dozen emergency shelter rooms, clinics, a hotline call center, counseling rooms, and career training as well as providing housing for abuse victims pets and a child development and care center. Projections for the project indicated that over 2000 victims of abuse in the Dallas area would be served annually within the new building which would be named after Ann Moody. The building would also be home to the “Be Project” which provides educational tools to several thousand students on the subjects such as teen dating violence and bullying. Read more about James at Crunchbase.

Thanks in part to the more than generous donation from James Dondero and HCM, the Legacy Campaign by TFP ended in success. The Ann Moody building was finished this past June (2017). during the opening ceremony 16 butterflies were released on the property in loving memory of the 16 women who lost their lives to domestic abuse in the Dallas area previously in 2015.


George Soros Prepares The Open Society Foundation In Wake Of Trump Administration.

There is a rising tide of change engulfing Washington D.C. and global climate change has very little to do with it. Instead, what we have is a political world in complete upheaval. The electoral campaign of Donald Trump, reality TV show and rich-kid heir, was one earmarked by the worst traits of humanity – anger, violent rhetoric, divisiveness, and a blatant disregard for the common man and woman. Throughout Trump’s unlikely rise there were many politicians snickering into their hands, thinking it all a joke that would eventually end on a flat punchline. This was, obviously, not the case. Donald Trump won an asterisk marked election and took his role in the White House. Among those voices never daring to crack a smile was George Soros, a progressive billionaire, and world-renowned philanthropist. In the wake of Trump’s election, it was revealed through financial disclosure forms that Soros had moved the bulk of his wealth to charity in order to establish what some may call a sort of resistance.

George Soros established the Open Society Foundations in the ’70s with the sole goal of creating a network of grants that could help to fund grassroots foundations all around the world in the hunt for progressive justice, social causes, and humanitarian equity. The Open Society Foundations has, to date, given more than $18 billion to foundations around the world en route to making a very real impact on the world. From the Ebola epidemic which received aid from the OSF all the way to the march for marriage equality in the United States, the OSF has been there. Now, it was revealed that Soros has given an additional $18 billion to the foundation, thus transferring the bulk of his wealth to the foundation. This eye-popping donation seems to make one thing clear: Soros is prepping his legacy and looking to help as many people as possible in the face of Trump’s disastrous administration.

George Soros was born in Hungary and as a teenager, he came face-to-face with the very worst that mankind had to offer: the Nazi regime. Nazis marched into Hungary and occupied the country for a full year, killing a horrific amount of Hungarian-born Jews along the way. Soros and his family were lucky to escape because they wouldn’t leave until having helped as many people as possible. Eventually, the Soros family did escape and they emigrated to London. Here, Soros would learn about the Open Society as written by renowned author Karl Popper. This work would make an impact on Soros and we can see that in the foundation he started in the ’70s.

Despite Soros’ continued efforts to bring out the best in people, he is still consistently vilified by members of the conservative party. There has been a concentrated effort to discredit progressive philanthropists over the years and it is due in large part to the work that Soros has done. Conservative media has made it abundantly clear that they are cowed by the fact that Soros can afford to go toe-to-toe with any media giant in the world and it looks like he is prepared to do it for the foreseeable future.

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Felipe Montoro Jens, Reports That Government Projects That Will Be Granted In The Second Part of 2018

The action that was held in August with the purpose of assigning projects by the Federal Government was attended by the Infrastructure Specialist, Felipe Montoro Jens. He reported that over half of the projects in 22 categories would be assigned to the private sector in the second part of 2018. Approximately 57 projects with an estimated value of R $44 billion are included in these 22 categories.

A few of the projects that are scheduled to be assigned by the Program of Partnerships and Investments (PPI) include the development of Congonhas airport and the deal for disposing of the stakes of Infraero’s in airports around Brasilia. The PPI was created by the federal government with the aim of strengthening the bond between government and private sectors while generating jobs to promote the economic development of Brazil.

Felipe Montoro Jens stated that the PPI has a 49% interest in the associations that have prior grants of these airport terminals. He also pointed out that BR-153 that was previously associated with the Galvão Group is now back on the list of concessions given by the government. In addition, a massive project of a highway is set to be auctioned in the last three months of 2018. This highway project is a stretch of land that is approximately 900 kilometers in length. The other port terminals of concessions scheduled for the same period include the Belém, Vitória, and Paranaguá.

The Ministry of Transport has stated that the auction of the mentioned projects along with many others is set to be scheduled in the final three months of the Michel Temer’s government’s current tenure. The government also announced with limited details about the sale and privatization of the Mint which is a state-owned company. Other companies that will be included in the process of disposition and privatization include Casemg, Ceasaminas, and Docks of Espírito Santo. At the same time, it was openly declared that the sale of specific companies such as the Mint would help in the development of the company as the proceeds received by the sales will be used primarily to make passports for residents.

Things you need to know about Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge is not only a profoundly successful entrepreneur, but he has also strived to see that USHEALTH Group achieves the best to be among the most prestigious companies in the world. Through his expertise, he saw the firm establish itself in a vast number of countries thus increasing its production. Troy has over the past years received a high accreditation from prestigious organizations as well as individuals for his notable achievements and contributions in developing the firm. He recently won a very prestigious Planet Gold Award apprehending him as the chief executive officer of the year, and with this, USHEALTH Group has also gained a chance to enjoy the honor.

Troy McQuagge Son has always put success at the forefront in all his business operations, and since he took his current role in USHEALTH Group, he has always had a determination towards turning it into one of the best lucrative ventures in the world. Rebuilding the business into a captive distribution was one of Troy`s greatest steps and equipping the company’s Advisors with the knowledge to be the best saw his role in the substantial rise quickly.

Troy always targets to achieve the best, and he is never turning back. Troy`s turn at USHEALTH Group has seen him increase the firm`s level of production at a tremendous rate and his great establishment is one of the major proves of its prestigious nature. USHEALTH Group has also turned out to be one of the best insurance firms in the United States and has attracted a broad range of customers that are always pleased with their unique products as well as services.

The renowned entrepreneur was highly satisfied with the award and perceives it to be a significant step for the USHEALTH Group in general. He insists that the firm has always achieved most of its set goals, thanks to the considerable commitment of its team of employees towards offering the best to its clients. Troy looks forward to providing the best healthcare products to the firm`s customers and has a great determination towards addressing their issues and claims at haste. Read more about Troy McQuagge Son at

The One Planet awards have also profoundly contributed to the smooth operations of most firms through their exclusive awards and great motivation as well as reinforcement to the companies and particular individuals. Their awards act as an encouragement and total appreciation of the individuals for their great contributions towards giving people a better living.

Apart from Troy being into achieving success in his ventures, he is also highly concerned about peoples welfare as well as giving back to the community. With his kind heart, Troy has taken part in a significant number of charitable organizations through which he contributed massive amounts of money in aid of the disadvantaged individuals in the society.


Talk Fusion Opens New Office In India

Talk Fusion recently announced it is expanding into India. The company has plans on opening an office in New Delhi. In a recent interview, the founder of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, said people associated with the new office were excited to take part in the company’s compensation platform.


The manager of the office is Guru Lal Singh, who said Talk Fusion is going to build a company culture that is focused around the success for the office in India. Guru also said he has hopes that India would would become one of Talk Fusion’s marketplaces in the world.


Reina discussed that he would be heading to India soon and he was looking forward to meeting with new team members to collaborate with them. He said that India was a great location to spread Talk Fusion’s disruptive technology and he was hopeful that the company’s technology would enrich the lives of many residents in India, as well as people’s lives in other regions in the world.


About Talk Fusion

Talk Fusion is an international company that offers video communication solutions and marketing products to individuals and businesses. Bob Reina launched the company back in 2007, and since then it has continue to grow and offer innovative products. Besides offering various marketing products, the company offers an income opportunity. What differs them from other companies is Talk Fusion offers an Instant Pay Compensation Plan.


Talk Fusion Products/Services

Talk Fusion offers a range of products, including its video suite package. This includes video email, video newsletters and live meetings. Others include video chat and signup forms.


If you want to learn more about Talk Fusion, its products or opportunity, then visit the company’s official website. That’s where you can find out a lot more about this innovative company. Learn more:

How The Mighty Fortress Church Connects People To God

Mighty Fortress Church is located at 6000 Bass Lake Road, Minneapolis, MN 55429. It is a Christian church that offers a joyful and enjoyable experience rather than the very formal atmosphere that many churches have. They maintain an active Facebook page where people can learn about the church and the people that attend it can connect and keep up on the latest happenings.

Worship services at the Mighty Fortress Church center around God and how he is involved in everyone’s lives. The sermons also feature a band as well as a choir group and worship team. The sermons are provided by Bishop T.R. Williams. Learn more about Mighty Fortress Church at Crunchbase.

Another issue that many churches have is that they feature the same boring and pointless rituals every week of the year. Mighty Fortress Church has instead done away with all of this. They also support a “come as you are” culture in their church. There is no need to dress very formally. Also, they are very welcoming to everyone that wants to go to this church no matter their race or what country that are from. The people that are in the church are able to express their feelings about God in the way that they choose to do so. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Bishop T.R. Williams founded Mighty Fortress Church and is its senior pastor. He attended the Rhema Bible Training Center, which is located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which he where he earned his ministerial degree. He also attended North Central University and holds a degree in mass communications. Additionally, he graduated from Bethel University and Seminary where he graduated with a master’s degree in organizational leadership.

T.R. Williams has been a minister for more than three decades. He strives to be a bridge for others to reach God. The message he delivers in his sermons is one that is meant to offer encouragement and empowerment to those who listen to it. In his personal life he is married and has three children.


Leading by Example: The Mark Mckenna Way

In society, celebrity role models rarely live up to the public’s expectations. These people may be very talented in whatever craft they’re into, but many of them rarely do positive things for their own communities. On the other hand, some of the best role models are right in your own community and Dr. Mark McKenna personifies this notion to the fullest. This guy is a general-practitioner that is licensed in Medicine & Surgery by the Georgia State Board of Medical Examiners as well as licensed by the Louisiana State Board of Medical Examiners. Thanks to his brilliant way of thinking, Dr. Mark McKenna has been able to work in a variety of fields.

The Louisiana-native is known to be a doctor, a surgeon, a businessman and an entrepreneur. After graduating from Tulane University Medical School, he started out by working in medical industry with his father. During this time, Dr. Mark McKenna launched the famed McKenna Venture Investments. This real-estate investment firm was the beginning of his ascension in the business world. Following the inception of (MVI), this extraordinary man added two more successful companies to his ever-growing portfolio. The companies just happened to be Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. Dr. Mark McKenna also played a significant role in rebuilding his hometown of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. Low-to-moderate income housing worked wonders for many of the Crescent City’s inhabitants. Being able to give back to the community by redevelopment is one of his biggest achievements.

After losing so many of his business contacts during the hurricane, this guy decided to take his show to another location. ShapeMed was the latest addition to business portfolio, and it offered weight-loss solutions, dietary information, Juvederm treatments as well as Botox injections. Non-surgical aesthetics was the name of the game, but after selling ShapeMed in 2016, Dr. Mark McKenna launched OVME. This medical-aesthetic company specialized in elective healthcare, and it used some of the most state-of-the-art technology.

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