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You can find informative and educational information from Oncotarget. This is a journal that covers medical research by teams of researchers. These researchers carry out in depth research on different topics and come up with a comprehensive report on findings, conclusion and recommendations. Learn more at Research Gate.

From one of the studies by these researchers, you will be able to learn about the ratio of deaths caused by unscreened prostate cancer to that of screened cancer. It on this site that you are going to learn the age group that is at a higher risk of contracting this type of cancer.

The research was carried out in Sweden and the sample population was rescreened after 6 years. This gave the researchers a good time to study the growth of the prostate specific agents and their behavior. Therefore, when concluding to the study, many findings were made and developed to give a firm conclusion.

There are many types of cancers and these include the drug resistant thyroid cancers. A lot of studies have been carried out to find a way to approach it. These studies seem to be moving closer every day to finding a solution. This has been achieved by a team of researchers from Harvard University.

According to researchers from the school of medicine at the University, there is a sign of hope to treating the drug resistant thyroid cancer. This cancer has either primary or secondary resistance. This research is however ongoing and is yet to be concluded.

According to this research, a combination of two treatments that is, the vemurafenib and palbociclib for this type of cancer induced stronger cancer cell death than when each treatment was used alone. The results from these two showed that it was a nice strategy to approach the metastatic thyroid cancer. Listen to Oncotarget podcast on Player.FM.

In their recommendations, the researchers recommended that the combined treatment should be taken for a medical trial. The treatment will be beneficial to many patients suffering from this cancer.

You can get the combined therapy treatment insight interview with one of the researchers involved in the research by the Oncotarget online on iTunes, the Stitcher and Player.FM. In the interview, the researcher explains to you how the conclusion was reached at in detail.

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