Nick Vertucci: The Man With The Plan

Nick Vertucci holds a philosophy that, “Your past does not dictate your future.” I guess it is because he knows, first hand, how it feels to feel helpless but able to learn new skills to better oneself and their future. Nick Vertucci grew up in your traditional household. He had a loving family who cared dearly for him but he did not quite grow up well-off. Just as the age of 18 he was sleeping in his van homeless feeling that his life was at an all-time low. To get out of his position, Nick opened his own business selling computer equipment.

Nick loved the freedom of being his own boss but that didn’t stop life from happening once again. In the year 2000, the dot-com crash occurred and Nick lost everything. He had a family and once again he felt hopeless. For eighteen months, he had little to no income and his debt was rising at an alarming rate. Everything changed when a friend of his invited him to a three-day real estate training seminar. That three-day seminar changed Nick Vertucci and his life for the better. Nick took everything he heard at the three-day seminar and applied it to real life to get him and his family out of the position they were in.

In 2013, Nick Vertucci opened and named himself CEO and President of a real estate academy known as, NVREA “Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy” The NVREA is an educational program which teaches individuals about real estate investing. The NV Real Estate Academy trains its student on various aspects of real estate investing like finding the right deal, repairing badly damaged property, and selling a finished project.

The academy also has its students covered by providing its students’ information on Wholesaling and flipping contracts, Rehabbing and flipping properties, commercial investments, asset protection, and leveraging your IRA and 401K to fund investments. Nick’s Real Estate Academy has many success stories and is continuing to grow at a high rate. If you are interested in attending the training program you can sign up at

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