Is Turmeric The Wonder Spice Your Body Needs?

If you follow latest holistic health trends, you may find yourself heading to the local grocery store for a bottle of turmeric. It’s the bright yellow spice that is often used in Indian and Asian cooking, and it’s a relative of the ginger plant. It’s potent, smells funny, but it’s packed full of beneficial elements. In fact, there are more than 300 compounds that make this spice, all of which are wonderful for your body.

Some experts are calling turmeric the long-lost spice girl. Bon Appetite Magazine posted an article about the 49 different recipes that can be used to incorporate turmeric into your diet. Thankfully, if you don’t want to cook with it, you can take it in capsule form. Though it’s gaining in popularity in the United States for its holistic benefits, it’s been around for thousands of years. The first reported use for medicinal purposes is by the Asians as a part of Siddha medicine.

The rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant is native to Southeast Asia. It’s believed to be able to help or cure Parkinson’s disease, blood clots, urinary tract infections, depression, anxiety, joint pain, inflammation, and much more. However, is this spice more hype help?

The reports from studies done on turmeric are promising. In fact, it shows that people who use 500 milligrams of this pill at least twice per day are showing dramatic improvements in health. Thankfully, there are no side effects of taking a spice, which cannot be said about prescription medications.

One of the main ingredients in this spice is curcumin, and it has been used for more than 5,000 years. This herb is an antioxidant, and it has potent antifungal and antibacterial properties. If turmeric only included this additive, it would be good, but there are 299 more additives that help gives it an even more significant punch.

What’s funny is turmeric is often used to hand-dyed fabrics and to cook wonderful meals. However, it seems that taking this spice on a regular basis is like putting your insides through a car wash. It helps remove the bad, but it keeps the good. More impressively is the fact that it’s being used in place of chemotherapy in cancer patients. Chemo destroys both bad and good cells, which causes weakened immune systems. However, turmeric can target and kill the bad and leave the good in place.

For anyone suffering from an ailment that doesn’t want to risk the side effects of medication, turmeric may be the answer. It indeed is worth looking into at the very least.

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