Going to the Doctor with a Low Back Pain Problem? Be Ready to Experience Something Different

When planning to visit the family doctor for an issue to do with LBP (low back pain), you could end up being surprised by the treatment suggestions being recommended. The recent changes that have been introduced in the management of low back pain have meant that practitioners are now less likely to recommend or prescribe pain medication. Keep in mind that this used to be the go-to remedy for this problem.



Today, low back pain is categorized as the leading cause of disability in the world. It is also considered to be the second most popular reason for wanting to seek help from a family physician. Australia, for instance, records low back pain as the leading cause of income poverty and early retirement. In response to this, guidelines released by America College of Physicians, and the UK National Health Institute have called for a shift in the management of low back pain.



New Guidelines



The guidelines as a response to overwhelming research and escalating prescription opioid crisis have called for a radical stance on the prescription of medicine to manage LBP. Rather than use pain medication, nonmedicinal approaches such as holistic and eastern medicine have been recommended. This includes psychological therapies, physiotherapy, and fitness activities like yoga.



Until recently, the approach when it came to management of LBP was to use simple medication like paracetamol or anti-inflammation medication. The new guidelines are, however, calling for an abandonment of pain medication. They also discourage the use of invasive treatment like surgery and injections.



For people with uncomplicated cases of LBP, you will be advised on how to remain active by engaging in holistic activities such as heat massage. In cases where the pain has been present for long, mindfulness, yoga, and exercise are recommended as treatment solutions. Other approaches being recommended include acupuncture and spinal manipulation.

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