Lime Crime Introduces New Intricate Color Scheme

How important is specific colors to your daily beauty routine? Most women will agree, bright colors have become very popular and with the popularity of color has come the success of LimeCrime. Their designer, Doe Deere, has been able to use intricate colors to help girls and guys alike find their unique identity with make-up. Lime Crime has created new levels of color under their name and have given you opportunity to think outside the box. Enjoy a vegan formula with hypoallergenic ingredients easy on all skin types including acne prone skin. Best of all, their cosmetics are reasonably priced at under $40 for exclusive eye-shadow, lipstick, and liquid eye-liner products.

Their new Polly Pocket Candy collection is a reflection of the early 90’s. remember when putting your doll in the back of your favorite jeans was a rite of passage? The cute container is a must have for your purse including a cute brightly colored case. They offer a 5 color palette with bright shades unmatched by other big name competitors. Accent your best features with a touch free application in infused in the ingredients of each of their eye-liner products. Your friends will love your new look and it makes great gift for your sister or best friend.

They offer a new unique hair dye collection under the Unicorn brand. Get a rich blend of color designed to give you a permanent or temporary change. You can get a full 700 ml jar with one complete application or 2 temporary tints. Give your color a unique blend of bright colors with an amazing nourishing base that strengthens your hair. Lime Crime creator, Doe Deere, says, each of her wearers have a unique beauty her cosmetics simply enhances that natural beauty. The Unicorn hair dye is as equally safe for your hair as their skin care products.

Find exclusive Lime Crime products at select Bloomingdale’s department stores. Their website has different models for their users to know exactly how a specific color will look on them. You’re invited to visit their website and become a part of the unique Lime Crime family today.

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