Securus Technologies Customer Experience

Securus Technologies is one of the country’s leading technology firms which deals with the provision of revolutionizing technology for the incarceration environment and assisting these facilities in improving public safety. Securus develops at least one new product every week to help law enforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.


Many of Securus’ clients write back to the company, either through email or through formal letters, and give feedback on the services provided by Securus and how its products have helped keep inmates, their families, parolees and the society safer.


Through call monitoring, facilities have been able to obtain information on corrupt staff, drug and alcohol use in the facilities, threats and suspicious conversations. One of the writers mentioned that they were able to arrest a corrupt staff member for introduction of contraband after they obtained information from phone calls made. In another facility, a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs to inmates at a discounted price. In another instance, a past incident that involved shots being fired was captured during call monitoring. This was made possible by Securus and the writer expressed his gratitude to the company and its staff.


Their clients are impressed by the vision that Securus has and its commitment to progressively helping in the improvement of public safety and revolutionizing the incarceration environment. Through Securus, facilities are able to carry out exhaustive investigations and improve jail security. Investigative tools have been instrumental in conducting investigations in the event there is a security threat to the facility or when there are complaints of harassment. With the help of the LBS software, the sheriff’s department has been able to recover drugs, illegal assets and cash. One of the clients felt that Securus is the country’s leading jail phone provider.


Securus headquarter is in Dallas, Texas and currently serves over 1.2 million inmates across North America.



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