The Influence of Susan McGalla to Entrepreneurs.

Susan McGalla is a renowned entrepreneur living in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. The businessperson is among the successful women in the world who worked hard in to achieve their endeavors. Her business activities primarily dwell in the retail management industry. Susan McGalla was born in 1964 spending her childhood life in East Liverpool, Ohio. She holds a degree in business and marketing attained from Mount Union College.

Susan McGalla being the only daughter in her family, she was not given special treatment by her dad who was a football coach. Being a girl made her face the same obstacles that other girls faced. This situation encouraged her to become robust and resilient and has greatly influenced her success to in the corporate world. She was able to overcome obstacles that were in her path, making her rise in the male-dominated industry. Susan McGalla acts as an example to women who are unable to overcome challenges they face to become successful.

Despite working in American Eagle Outfitters that had only male executives during her entrance, Susan MacGalla worked up through the ranks. She was able to rise from a junior employee to become the president before she resigned from the company. The entrepreneur later established P3 Executive Consulting that provided advisory services in the retail management industry. Susan’s hard work made her become the vice president of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is an executive who has an eye for fashion alongside being a lifelong Steelers fan. Susan McGalla’s innovative skills and experience as a Steelers fan encouraged her to initiate ‘’wear what we wear campaign’’. The campaign focused on restructuring the Steelers fan fashion division, by attracting more clients to buy the firm’s gears. The businesswoman serves Mount Union College as a member of the board of advisors.

Extraordinary Crystal Healing in the year 2017

At some point when Emily Satloff opts to take water, she tastes from a container loaded with crystals. Her intention is to take a dosage of recuperating exercise. She feels feel more settled while drinking from the crystalised bottle

Taryn Toomey has a TriBeCa studio, where well-known exercise are done by many people, solid lumps of clear quartz welcome customers at the work area. Every gem is intentionally set to enable customers to discharge negative vitality and rinse their brains, all while playing out numerous bouncing jacks.

In outlining the studio, Ms. Toomey worked together with two authors of the Cristalline, a planning company. The company’s rationality is that by understanding a room’s vitality, Toomey and the two authors can make a useful, lovely room. The beauty is created by utilizing precious stones. It is the idea of how you can recuperate a home through gems and also enhance the capacity of stream and vitality.

Tracie Martyn, a New York salon for skin therapy used by many people, recently came up with its Complexion Savior Mask. The mask utilizes concentrated concentrate from precious crystal of malachite. The salon prime supporters hopes that pebbles would enlarge the levels of the human body of lessened cancer prevention agent that has been appealed to enhance an easy way of lightening up the appearance.

Bernice Robinson works in the Akasha holistic center in London and rubs a customer’s face and neck with the smooth surface of a rose of quartz crystals. At that point, Ms. Robinson lays the precious stones on weight purposes of the customer. She says that the after effect is unwinding the body’s psyche. She is known to be a wonderful crystal doctor. The crystals give a delicate way to deal with the physical and anatomical prosperity of the skin on a more deep level.

Prior to any young medical givers think of exchanging medications on behalf of crystals, realize that precious stones have not been made to have health advantages. For the fan, self-esteem has been satisfying the soul.

What’s The Deal With Coffee Enemas?

One of the most popular detox procedures on alternative heath blogs nowadays is the coffee enema. That’s right, millions of people around the world are actually taking their café up the bum. Believe it or not, this uncomfortable procedure has tremendously helped patients overcome diseases ranging from the common cold to cancer.

So, who invented this strange procedure and why does it work? Well, most people believe coffee enemas were discovered during World War II when German nurses ran out of morphine to give injured soldiers. To help the soldiers deal with their pain, the nurses tried using warm coffee in an enema form. Lo and behold, doctors soon discovered that their patients were sleeping through the night without screaming in agony.

Apparently a young German doctor named Max Gerson caught wind of this odd therapy. He decided to try out the procedure on himself to see if it helped with his debilitating migraines. Within just a few days, Dr. Gerson noticed a significant reduction in his headache pain. He decided to combine the coffee enema with a mostly raw foods diet for maximum benefits.

Although Dr. Gerson died in 1959, his method of healing patients lives on in the Gerson Institute. Many people from around the world have seen a dramatic improvement in their health by changing their diets to include more raw foods and healthful proteins like liver as well as using regular coffee enemas to flush out the liver.

Since the caffeine in the coffee enema bypasses the digestive process, this helps the colon’s walls directly absorb and utilize coffee’s many benefits. The caffeine actually helps to stimulate the production of bile, which in turn helps the liver release stored up toxins and produces the body’s natural antioxidant glutathione.

Not only can a properly performed coffee enema release massive amounts of toxins in the liver, it also has the added benefit of clearing out the colon. Some practitioners have found that regular coffee enemas help remove heavy metals, Candida, and parasites from the body.

Today, numerous big names in the alternative health care field are touting the benefits of regular coffee enemas. A few big name supporters of the procedure include Dr. Axe and Dr. Lawrence Wilson.

A coffee enema is a great addition to any detox protocol you may be on. Of course, always check with your doctor if you have any concerns before trying out this therapy for yourself.

What to know about Holistic and Eastern Medicine

At some point in life, one goes through tough times battling with illness. It gets even worse when an individual is barely clueless on the type of disease they are suffering. Both Holistic and Eastern medicine cure the patients in different ways. Individuals who take holistic treatment it’s because they believe the physician knows best. However, there is a group of people who opt to go the Eastern medicine way because the too believe in natural healing through different types of plants.

There are a lot of things that differentiate Holistic and Eastern medicine.

Where to get the medicine

For the Eastern cure, the patient can visit a medical doctor who will give the drug to them. The patient used to take Eastern medicine can in other ways make their own medicine from various medicinal plants. Holistic treatment the sick have to visit the hospital and get checked by a specialist or visit a pharmacy where they will be checked out too before any prescriptions.

Accessibility of the medicine

Another factor differentiating Holistic and Eastern medicine is the ways to get the treatment. For Holistic medicine, are in hospitals and pharmacy located in most parts of every town. To get the Eastern medicine, one has to visit a medicine doctor personally or make their own medicine which takes time while in cases of urgent need one can send for Holistic medicine.

3: Specialists giving the healing

For Holistic treatment, physicians who have gone through education and taken time in practicing their career before they can qualify to treat people do the task. People with knowledge about different plants and how they can be used to treat various diseases give the Eastern prescription. Before providing the administration, the specialist has to do some test on the patient, for Eastern medicine no checks on the patient.

Holistic medicine is at times costly for the patient to buy the drugs. The drugs, however, take the shortest time, and the patient starts the recovery process. Eastern medicine is cheap; the patients receive a bit longer with the healing process.

Lime Crime Royalty: Doe Deere, Queen of Unicorns

The makeup and beauty industry comes from all places, and in many shapes, colors and sizes. Despite the vast diversity and array of differences, the beauty industry as a whole, shares an ultimate and common goal: self expression.


Self expression is certainly the ongoing theme and supreme motivation behind the popular makeup company, Lime Crime.


From the outside, Lime Crime looks like the rest of the makeup industry. A beautiful and glamorous breeze. Make no mistake, it takes big dreams and equally big motivation to create a game changing brand.


Doe Deere, founder and CEO of the vegan and cruelty-free brand, has shared her incredible journey from growing up in Russia to finally ending up where she currently is – the founder of the trailblazing makeup company, Lime Crime.


Where did Deere’s journey begin? You might ask.


Doe Deere spent many of her impressionable years in Russia, having been born and raised there until she was 17, later to move away to New York City. The CEO currently lives in Los Angeles, but attributes much of her ambition and development to growing up in Russia and New York.


While in New York, Doe Deere had original intentions of aspiring to a career in music, which she pursued for a certain amount of time. She credits her time being in her band as something that lead to the development of her marketing skills, as well as appreciation for the people who support her in her ventures. Her band is also where she met her future husband and business partner.


How did a band in New York, turn into a highly successful makeup company?


In the age of self expression, where incredible pigments can be found at the drop of a hat – it might be difficult for one to believe that there was a time when such vibrant shades didn’t exist.


Doe set Lime Crime in motion in 2008. Why? Because she couldn’t find any shades to match her own personality, wardrobe, and her self expression. In the early 2000’s, palettes ranged from mostly beiges, occasionally throwing a plum or light green in the mix but never incredibly pigmented and Doe was on a mission for change.


Eventually, vibrant eyeshadows turned into vibrant lipsticks, and Doe had become the Unicorn Queen, creating a company that gave both her and other women the freedom to express themselves. Learn more:


Securus Technologies Customer Experience

Securus Technologies is one of the country’s leading technology firms which deals with the provision of revolutionizing technology for the incarceration environment and assisting these facilities in improving public safety. Securus develops at least one new product every week to help law enforcement officials prevent and solve crimes.


Many of Securus’ clients write back to the company, either through email or through formal letters, and give feedback on the services provided by Securus and how its products have helped keep inmates, their families, parolees and the society safer.


Through call monitoring, facilities have been able to obtain information on corrupt staff, drug and alcohol use in the facilities, threats and suspicious conversations. One of the writers mentioned that they were able to arrest a corrupt staff member for introduction of contraband after they obtained information from phone calls made. In another facility, a civilian admitted to selling prescription drugs to inmates at a discounted price. In another instance, a past incident that involved shots being fired was captured during call monitoring. This was made possible by Securus and the writer expressed his gratitude to the company and its staff.


Their clients are impressed by the vision that Securus has and its commitment to progressively helping in the improvement of public safety and revolutionizing the incarceration environment. Through Securus, facilities are able to carry out exhaustive investigations and improve jail security. Investigative tools have been instrumental in conducting investigations in the event there is a security threat to the facility or when there are complaints of harassment. With the help of the LBS software, the sheriff’s department has been able to recover drugs, illegal assets and cash. One of the clients felt that Securus is the country’s leading jail phone provider.


Securus headquarter is in Dallas, Texas and currently serves over 1.2 million inmates across North America.



Orange Coast College Architecture Students Benefit From DeNova Homes Visit

DeNova Homes recently held an educational event for Orange Coast College (OCC) students where 40 architecture students got to listen to a speech by Division President Alan Toffoli. After the speech, students were treated to an onsite tour of two model homes at the Aura construction site in Costa Mesa. Learn more:


When completed, the development will boast 33 detached residences that have been designed to complement the Orange County location.


Toffoli stated that participating in the event is important because DeNova Homes wants to give back to the community and nurture future architecture and design talent.


Orange Coast College is one of the nation’s top transfer schools and is located in Costa Mesa, California. The college sits on a 164-acre campus that is located just minutes from Southern California’s impressive beaches.


OCC has consistently ranked number one in Orange County community colleges for having the most students transfer to the California University and California State University systems. With over 25,000 students being registered each semester, Orange Coast College is one of the nation’s largest community colleges.


While OCC offers 135 academic and career programs, it is best known for its public nautical program. Nearly half of the students are enrolled in one of the college’s Career and Technical education programs.


With so many students going on the complete their degrees at four-year universities, it is no wonder the Orange Coast College continues to grow and attract the top students in the region. With continued cooperation with local businesses like DeNova Homes Orange Coast College continues to give their students every advantage and opportunity for success in the future. Learn more: