The Mission of Wild Ark is to Preserve the Planet’s Wilderness Areas

As more people take an active interest in preserving the natural wildlife areas on the planet, more countries are developing tourist destinations tailored to their conservation efforts. Vacation destinations designed to protect the natural habitats of a region’s wildlife include forested areas, areas on plains and regions along rivers. These Eco-friendly vacation spots are becoming so popular they are often offered through travel agencies as packaged deals that could include hotel accommodations and guided tours. The locations where these destinations are located are often referred to as green belts. A trip to Panama offers visitors the ability to stay at a luxury hotel within close proximity to regional jungles with trails they could walk to get a closeup view of the area’s plant and animal life.


As an Eco-friendly vacation destination, many of these remote locations encourage visitors to participate in their conservation efforts. This is accomplished through recycling programs as well as by supporting local merchants and farmers who use sustainable resources. The communities involved in the effort to conserve the planet’s wilderness areas often offer guided trail walks with trained experts who can provide information about the plants and animals who live there. A visit to the plains of Kenya could include a walking safari in one of the area’s most populated game preserves. People living within the United States could choose to trek along the trails in the mountainous regions of Colorado or Montana.


In addition to the communities involved in preserving the natural wilderness areas within their respective countries, there are also organizations such as Wild Ark, who take an active interest in protecting the environment as well. Established in 2015 by Mark and Sophie Hutchinson, Wild Ark is an organization that focuses on protecting the wilderness areas already in existence on the planet. Not only do they believe this is an important aspect of understanding the development and balance between the Earth and its life, but they also believe it is important to provide future generations with the opportunity to experience natural wilderness environments. They also dedicate themselves to informing others about the need to preserve the untouched lands on the planet. Learn more:


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