Betsy DeVos. Woman of Faith, Inspiration, and Heart

Some may say that politics and spiritual beliefs don’t mix, however that is how Betsy DeVos began her journey of giving, and creating a plethora of programs that benefit the masses. Growing up in the Christian Reformed Church in North America, one her greatest influences was theologian Abraham Kuyper, a founding figure in political ideology. Her childhood was surrounded by wealth, as well as philanthropy, and while earning her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics, she was deeply involved with campus politics. It comes as no surprise this woman of heart and faith was appointed as Secretary of Education by President Trump.


Her primary focus is on education, giving families more freedom to choose how their children physically are enrolled in schools. Betsy DeVos very much leans towards technology, specifically the ability to educate our children via the internet, eliminating the quality of education they may not receive based on their zip code. This concept, the use of our technology is one I wholeheartedly support as my own son is in an online learning program, and excels in comparison to the brick and mortar public schools. I do believe I have Betsy DeVos to thank for being such an advocate of our parental freedoms when choosing what is best for our child’s educational needs. She is a fighter, a leader, persistent, a stronghold that cannot be moved when it comes to issues where there is need.


Yes, her positive efforts do by definition describe philanthropy, but it is her heart, her character, that has truly built, along with her husband, Dick DeVos, the strong foundations that benefit so many. Her financial giving has strongly been distributed creating opportunity for people to thrive, giving unique opportunity, and the removal of any barriers that may have stood in the way before. We should all aspire to do enact change in some way, follow her inspirational lead. With their faith as their motivation, West Michigan Aviation Academy, a place where students are empowered to achieve life goals, essentially “soaring to new heights” is just one of the programs Betsy DeVos has poured her heart into. Inner City Christian Federation that helps family’s secure safe affordable housing assists more than 2,200 families each year. DeVos Institute of Arts Management provides training for board members and managers giving them a broader avenue to educate in the field of Arts, and Project Clarity, a program designed to restore the water quality of Lake Macatawa and the Macatawa Watershed, are amongst the many causes she has poured her heart and soul into.


Betsy DeVos, a woman of strength, compassion, generosity, faith, creating true change in our world today, breaking barriers, creating extraordinary opportunity.


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