Why Daniel Taub is The Most Popular and Successful Israeli Envoy

According to the article on Jewish Chronicle, Daniel Taub showed his credentials when he was meeting the Queen for his first time. Not only the sheet of paper he gave Her Majesty from the Jerusalem Government, he declared that, as he was bowing his head. Taub was the State of Israel new Ambassador to the St. James’s Court.

But there was an additional statement. The statement came with the attire he was wearing.

The black shoes that were mirror-shined, the striped trousers, and the single-breasted coat morning tail coat was to be anticipated. But in his cut graying hair was what could be regarded as another office badge, his kippah. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/

It firmly stated one significant fact about Taub’s life: born in 1992, in Britain, he could be one of the leading diplomats of his country, but not anything was going to make him change his practices and beliefs as an Orthodox Jew. As he returned to Israel, that was always plain to everybody who met Taub during his term in office.

The Queen understood why Daniel Taub surrendered his British citizenship; she asked Taub how he would feel to represent the nation that he migrated less than three decades earlier. Daniel Taub said he felt privileged raising his kids in their historic country after 2,000 years exile.

But when he looked at his family history, he was aware of the hope and greatest opportunity they had found in that country, and he hoped to be capable of expressing his gratitude for that fact by making the two nations closer together.

Daniel Taub said that four years later, he felt that occurred. The British, Jewish community was aware of that. At a farewell party at his house, his guest stated the same thing; they were more than sorry seeing him leave.

For most, the records were going to reveal he had shown to be likely the most popular and successful Israeli envoy ever since Shlomo Argov, a prominent Israeli diplomat, who almost fatally got shot in 1982 in London.

Taub has held numerous political, legal, and diplomatic posts in the Foreign Ministry of Israel. He’s a specialist in international law and has specializations in the laws of war and counterterrorism.

As a Head Deputy Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, he served as Israel’s missions legal adviser to the UN in Geneva and NY, and he represented Israel in numerous multilateral fora.

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