Understanding Heart Health With Dr. Edward Honig

Updated on September 22nd, 2017: Edward Honig has a new post for Patch.com, about the risk associated with high carbohydrate diets and how they relate to heart disease. Turns out, carbs could be killing you a lot faster than fats. Something everybody needs to know, and everybody should read about.

Heart Disease is one of the leading causes of death in America. While there are many contributing factors to Heart Disease, three of the primary reasons Americans have heart health problems are: diet, stress and lifestyle. Additionally, family history of Heart Disease often is noted for playing a major role in heart health.

In addition to learning about how to take better care of the heart through proper diet and exercise, it is important for people to see a cardiologist as they get older to better understand the health of their heart and learn how to best take care of their heart health. That is why people over the age of 50 are advised to get an annual check up to ensure that their heart is functioning well. As people get older, heart health often becomes a concern for a majority of Americans.


The good news in heart health is there are so many new treatments in heart health today. In fact, in the last fifty years understanding of heart issues and heart health treatment has advanced significantly. This has allowed more patients a better path at living a long life as they learn to better manage their heart health issues.


Cardiologists are specialized medical doctors who are experts in heart health. Through their years of medical training they become experts in diagnosing, treating and preventing heart and blood vessel diseases. Their medical focus is helping people to better understand what heart health is and help them to learn and understand more about the condition of their heart. If there are any issues, it is a cardiologist that is the specialist that has the medical expertise to best address any heart health issues that may arise.


According to CrunchBase.com Dr. Edward Honig M.D. is an expert in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. He is one of the top cardiologists on Long Island where he works at Glen Cove Hospital. He is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine, one of the top medical universities in the country. After he graduated, Dr. Edward Honig has been one of the area’s leading cardiologists and has treated major heart health issues in thousands of patients.


Having Heart Disease issues, is a big concern for all cardiology patients. That is why having a cardiologist who is warm and caring combined with years of medical expertise can be especially important to put patients at ease as they learn to better manage their heart health. Because Dr. Edward Honig has been practicing medicine since 1952 (http://www.fundacity.com/edward-honig), his years of experience in the Long Island area and at Glen Cove Hospital have made him one of the most cherished physicians in heart health today.

Check out Edward Honig’s piece on the French Paradox, and how diet can contribute to heart disease at FrenchTribune.com.

Neurocore and Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers may offer effective treatment for clients with anxiety and depression. There is more to depression than most people know.

Depression is not a weakness, but a serious and treatable medical condition. It has many possible causes. Individuals exhibit different symptoms: insomnia, sadness, loss of appetite, lack of concentration, social withdrawal or more. Some people show no symptoms but struggle with internal mental and emotional turmoil.

Major depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States. It affects nearly 16 million adults each year. Research suggests there is a biological or genetic aspect to depression. A family history of depression may cause some people to be more susceptible to depression or anxiety.

There are many types of depressive disorders: Major, Persistent, Postpartum and Seasonal Affective disorder are the most common. Some cases lead to disabling conditions which result in excessive absence from the workplace and reducing workplace productivity. Others may lead to suicide. Funding for research to identify and treat depression is insufficient, even today.

Neurocore Brain Performance has shown significant progress in many cases. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are located in Michigan and Florida at this time. They were established in 2004 to serve the needs of mental health patients and improve their care. Clients with autism, ADHD, migraines and anxiety or depression can be helped here. You can learn more about neuroscience and research studies by subscribing to their newsletter.

Neurofeedback is a brain training method which is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. It gives the brain EEG feedback. Combining a supportive atmosphere and professional staff, neurofeedback and learning principles can generate notable changes in clients. Clients experience positive changes in brain patterns. This results in significant behavioral, emotional and cognitive changes. Clients report more positive experiences after a series of treatments. The International Society for Neurofeedback and Research (ISNR) reports Neurocore may provide effective drug-free intervention or children and adults.

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Talk Fusion: They Have The Formula

Talk Fusion has figured out the formula for a happy life. Now, keep in mind, this is not a one-size-fits all formula. However, the wonderful thing about Talk Fusion is the fact that the product can work for anyone in any field. If someone wants to be a film critic and shoot videos about film criticism, they can do that with Talk Fusion. If someone wants to shoot tutorials on how to do something or create something, Talk Fusion allows that. So, even though it is not a one-size-fits all formula, it does work for everyone, but they are just in different fields. The key thing is they are happy and they are doing something different than the ordinary.


Talk Fusion features such things as video emails, video conferences, video chats, and video newsletters. Video emails are a great way for someone to express him or herself in a longer format and get their face seen by someone. Once their face is seen and people can see how much this means to them, the sky is the limit for them. As they say, sometimes people just need a foot in the door. Talk Fusion knocks down that door with tremendous results.


Another key part of Talk Fusion is their ability to always keep working hard. They love to work because they want to see and hear the success stories from the customers that have used the product. They might have a great day at the office, but the next day, they want to make it an even better one. They don’t believe in just settling for being good. They want to be great. It is the right attitude and the right approach to the job task at hand. It is why they won two awards in 2016 including the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/talk-fusion-video-chat-wins-2016-communications-solutions-product-of-the-year-award-300315095.html?tc=eml_cleartime).


The Technology Marketing Corporation awarded it to them, which as the article points out is a media giant. They look for advancements in a product and products that are consistently on the cutting edge of technology. Talk Fusion is at the front of this race.


Why Daniel Taub is The Most Popular and Successful Israeli Envoy

According to the article on Jewish Chronicle, Daniel Taub showed his credentials when he was meeting the Queen for his first time. Not only the sheet of paper he gave Her Majesty from the Jerusalem Government, he declared that, as he was bowing his head. Taub was the State of Israel new Ambassador to the St. James’s Court.

But there was an additional statement. The statement came with the attire he was wearing.

The black shoes that were mirror-shined, the striped trousers, and the single-breasted coat morning tail coat was to be anticipated. But in his cut graying hair was what could be regarded as another office badge, his kippah. Learn more about Daniel Taub: http://www.daniel-taub.co.il/

It firmly stated one significant fact about Taub’s life: born in 1992, in Britain, he could be one of the leading diplomats of his country, but not anything was going to make him change his practices and beliefs as an Orthodox Jew. As he returned to Israel, that was always plain to everybody who met Taub during his term in office.

The Queen understood why Daniel Taub surrendered his British citizenship; she asked Taub how he would feel to represent the nation that he migrated less than three decades earlier. Daniel Taub said he felt privileged raising his kids in their historic country after 2,000 years exile.

But when he looked at his family history, he was aware of the hope and greatest opportunity they had found in that country, and he hoped to be capable of expressing his gratitude for that fact by making the two nations closer together.

Daniel Taub said that four years later, he felt that occurred. The British, Jewish community was aware of that. At a farewell party at his house, his guest stated the same thing; they were more than sorry seeing him leave.

For most, the records were going to reveal he had shown to be likely the most popular and successful Israeli envoy ever since Shlomo Argov, a prominent Israeli diplomat, who almost fatally got shot in 1982 in London.

Taub has held numerous political, legal, and diplomatic posts in the Foreign Ministry of Israel. He’s a specialist in international law and has specializations in the laws of war and counterterrorism.

As a Head Deputy Legal Advisor of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel, he served as Israel’s missions legal adviser to the UN in Geneva and NY, and he represented Israel in numerous multilateral fora.

Read more; In conversation with Reverend Nicky Gumbel

Kim Dao Relaxes With Asland and Family

Kim Dao was taking it easy after getting back to Denmark from her trip to Amsterdam. She let Asland rest his head on her shoulder. Dao had macarons, not macaroons, for breakfast. Dao went out for an hour. When she returned, Asland thought he would join her and took a step out the door. After Asland did not listen to Dao’s request to come in, she begged him. He decided to come in. She came back from getting some hot dogs and a smoothie at a convenience store.


Kim Dao decided to show different videos of her recent stay in Denmark. While she heated up a slice of pizza in the oven for lunch, Kim Dao had Asland do some tricks for her. She told Asland that he could not have any pizza. Kim Dao was planning to spend the day with family, both living and dead. She has some grandparents who have passed away.


No sooner did Kim Dao take out her pizza to eat, the video cuts to her going out to dinner for her cousin’s birthday dinner. It looked like they had burgers for dinner. This video has a lot of short scenes. After dinner, Dao and family went to a waffle place for waffles and ice-cream. After this visit to Denmark, Kim Dao and her cousin wanted to take the train to Sweden. In the mean time, more friends, family, and food. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/


Cancer Treatment Centers of America Embraces Homeopathic Treatments

When most people hear about Cancer Treatment Centers of America, they tend to think of traditional cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. While CTCA does offer those treatments, they also embrace homeopathic alternatives for those eager to try a more natural course of action in their cancer battles. Cancer Treatment Centers of America employs a number of naturopathic physicians, who can help patients get side effects under control and improve their quality of life.

At CTCA, There are a Number of Naturopathic Therapies to Choose
Once a patient chooses to pursue naturopathic therapy, a physician will consult with him/her about the medications, vitamins, and other treatments already being administered to work out choices that won’t pose a conflict. The consultation will help the patient avoid unexpected side effects from combining medications and therapies. As these factors are analyzed, the patient and physician can choose which naturopathic therapies are best suited to his or her situation.
Botanical medicine (herbal medicine) – This option may be available to limited patients, as botanical substances can negatively interact with many cancer medications. Doctors at CTCA continuously monitor research and new studies to make the latest advances in botanical medications available to their patients.
Dietary supplements – This option appeals to the widest selection of cancer patients, because it can be implemented in conjunction with traditional cancer treatments. Risk of negative interactions is negligible.
Homeopathic medicine – These treatments are generally used to treat specific side effects, such as hot flashes or nausea. The medicines are derived from natural sources without chemical additives.
Cancer Prevention and Symptom Treatment Begins at Home
Outside of medicines and vitamins, Cancer Treatment Centers of America also offers counseling designed to help the spread of cancer and to improve the quality of life for those already diagnosed with cancer. Though there are many types of cancer and many are genetically passed on, sometimes altering environmental factors can reduce the risk of contracting disease.
Specifically, Cancer Treatment Centers of America express concern over the increased exposure to toxic substances in our society. From spills and meltdowns to chemical cleaners, harmful substances are all around us.
CTCA counsels patients and interested clients in reducing exposure to as many of these substances as possible. Many toxic substances can affect our bodies in ways that may not be detectable for months or years to come. CTCA helps reduce those risks.
This leads into the overall education opportunities that CTCA provides to anyone, teaching how lifestyle choices can go a long way toward reducing the risk of contracting cancer and other illnesses. Physicians teach clients about disease, as well as counseling them on healthy lifestyle choices like smoking cessation and techniques for managing stress. All of these factors combine to determine the quality of life for each person.

Susan McGalla a Source of Inspiration to Women

Women face numerous challenges in their quest to reach the top level leadership positions in organizations. Susan McGalla is one woman who has worked his way to the top and a practical example to fellow women that they too can become leaders in the organizations they work for. Susan McGalla is an American business woman and an executive consultant from Pittsburgh. Susan credits her childhood as the pillar behind her success. She grew in a family of men two brothers and her father who was a football coach. From a tender age, McGalla knew she had to work hard and compete with her siblings to get what she desired. This is the lesson that she took with her in her career life and has helped her become a successful woman in leadership.

McGalla began her career at Joseph Horne Firm, where she served in several marketing and leadership positions from the year 1986 to 1994.She then moved to American Eagle Outfitters to work as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing and rose through the ranks to become the first woman president of the company. She then left and founded P3 Executive consulting where she is currently the Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for Pittsburg Steelers. The industry is male dominated, and McGalla but McGalla has proved her critics wrong as she has outperformed her male colleagues. Notably, McGalla was one of the brains behind the innovative wear what we wear campaign that aimed at encouraging fans to buy the Steeler gear.

As much as McGalla success story is an inspiration to many women, women continue to face obstacles in finding their ways to the top leadership position. Women have been trying to address these issues for years now, and women networks initiatives have over the years provided women with a platform to share, strategize their businesses and make connections with other women in the industry. However despite these efforts still there is a big gap between men and women in leadership positions. Men are still holding the majority senior level positions in companies.

The executive sponsorship program is one solution that can help solve gender imbalance in organizations. The sponsorship program can help create new opportunities for women. The program is supposed to recommend and advocate for women to be on the forefront on important projects and assignments.