Ghana’s Government To Support Alternative Medicine

Some may see alternative medicine as being full of quacks, and some may have benefited from naturopathic care. Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, who is the President of the Alternative Medicine Association of Ghana, has called for the use of alternative practices within mainstream medicine in the country. Usually, governments like to stay out of the world of alternative medicine to due to the stigma of it. In reality, certain methods of alternative medicine complement mainstream medicine if used practically.

Expediting Legislation
Currently, there is a bill in the works within Congress that includes the legal and financial backing of alternative medicines. Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu fully supports this bill and is even calling for it to be expedited. This would allow for patients to receive the quality of care that they want or need.

The bill would assure the creation of an alternative health ministry. If such an industry were to be created, there would finally be regulation and law enforcement within the alternative health market. Alternative health practitioners should have a license or certifications but nothing is currently being enforced.

If the government would start to get involved, the quacks in the industry would quickly disperse. There are many legitimate providers in alternative health but it is poorly represented by greedy scammers.

Dr. Obu’s AMAG is demanding that the current government gives them a voice with the current Food and Drugs Board. They want to be able to assure that the transparency between alternative and traditional medicine will allow for better care.

Dr. Obu claims that there will be a more dynamic approach when confronting treatment of diseases. Many diseases are associated with lifestyle habits and holistic medicine is well equipped to deal with those. Private medical practices should also make the effort to start collaborating in order to diversify treatments.

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