BBC Discusses Increasing Popularity of Alternative Medicine

A recent BBC News report has indicated that alternative medicine is growing in popularity in both the United States and the United Kingdom. The popularity of nontraditional or alternative medicine has been linked to several factors, including the consistently rising costs of healthcare related expenses and the mutually beneficial relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and failing healthcare treatments. Although the United States and the United Kingdom each have populations who have shown a great interest in alternative medical treatments, other developing nations have also experienced a rise in the popularity of alternative health care treatments.

Rising Costs of Healthcare Related Expenses in the United States and the United Kingdom

Healthcare costs are one of the primary reasons that most alternative health care users name for choosing these methods. Alternative health care generally costs very, very little and is widely available for use by the general public. By using certain herbs, spices, vegetables, or the extracts of these substances, alternative healthcare providers can distribute low cost treatments to almost any patient without the risk of allergic or chemical bodily reactions. To date, traditional health care costs make up about a third of America’s trillion dollar debt. Citizens of countries around the world are seeking to drastically reduce debts associated with western medicine by participating in alternative health practices.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship Between Pharmaceutical Industry and Failing Healthcare Treatments

A large percentage of Americans and the British who are making the transition from traditional healthcare systems to alternative healthcare site the relationship between the pharmaceutical industry and failing healthcare treatments. The dawn of the internet age has allowed more and more individuals to understand the financial benefit that pharmaceutical companies gain by introducing expensive treatments despite their ability to cure illness. Because a large percentage of pharmaceutical drugs are designed to treat only the symptoms of disease instead of the actual disease, many people are seeking true curative treatments in the form of alternative medicine.

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