Effects of Holistic Medicine

Eastern medicine is considered to be holistic medicine. Holistic medicine considers treatment of individuals as a whole. The Eastern system takes care of the mind, body, emotion, and spirit. The primary goal of holistic medicine is to balance the well being of the body. The approach ensures that one achieves optimal health by gaining balance in life. Instead of prescribing similar treatment for all patients with certain symptoms, Holistic medicine takes each person as unique and deals with the problem holistically.
Medical practitioners in this system believe that each has individual body parts that require different treatment. They further describe each part of the human body as interdependent, meaning that if one body part fails, then the rest of the body is affected in one way or the other. The article by Christin Williams on http://www.livestrong.com/article/99684-types-holistic-medicine/ states that overall health of an individual receives significant effect from their physical, emotional, or spiritual problems.
Marin Mazzie, the Broadway star is a good example of the holistic system of treatment. She was diagnosed with late stage ovarian cancer but has been able to leave up with it through undertaking the whole body wellness treatment as opposed to western medical treatment. Apart from drugs, Ms. Mazzie also keeps vigilant watch of her diet and strives to keep fit as part of her treatment. She also has a particular way of interacting with friends and relatives to ensure that her emotional well being is stable. Holistic treatment has also modified her lifestyle.
The system has taken Marin Mazzie as an individual and not only focused on her sick ovaries. She has taken to a different lifestyle as well as special diet, exercise, psychotherapy and spiritual counseling. Therefore, her method of treatment is said to be inclusive of the whole body, ensuring that her problem does not worsen. Most patients do not die of sickness but due to general body negligence and lack f holistic treatment. Every patient has different causes for their illness and therefore demands different treatment

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