Amicus Therapeutics Look To Solve The Problems Of Many Rare Medical Conditions

The establishment of Amicus Therapeutics in 2002 was the starting point for a more than decade long journey to find assistance for those affected by some of the rarest medical conditions in the world ( The medical research field is not one that allows products to be rushed onto the market, but the work being completed by Amicus Therapeutics has led to the company receiving different grants and endorsements from a range of groups, including the Michael J. Fox Foundation to continue the advances already being made at the Amicus campuses in New Jersey and San Diego.

Amicus Therapeutics has been seeking to establish itself as a leading medical research and pharmaceutical manufacturer for drugs designed to treat a range of conditions; the most impressive and longest lasting research completed by Amicus Therapeutics has been the consistent development of ASD-101 has progressed to the late stages of development as an aid for those affected by the rare Fabry Disease. Fabry Disease is a rare condition affecting the genes of an individual in a condition often linked closely to Sphingolipidoses that can often be misdiagnosed because of its rarity and lack of clinical research.

Although Amicus Therapeutics has yet to move into production with its offerings towards the medical community the company has already built a strong reputation as a leader in medical research for conditions and diseases often seen as too rare or difficult to treat to be worth the time of large-scale pharmaceutical companies. A sign of the growing importance of Amicus Therapeutics has been the awarding of grants from some of the most prestigious organizations in the U.S., including a joint research grant awarded to the company by the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA (YahooFinance). The research being completed by Amicus Therapeutics into Alzheimer’s Disease has attracted the interest of the Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation which has provided over $200,000 in donations to Amicus Therapeutics to continue the search for drugs to assist in treating and curing this medical condition.

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