Why the Holistic and Alternative Treatment is Taking over the Medicine World

The rate at which people are embracing holistic and alternative medicines is surprising. Given that this is the 21st century; with the high levels of technology western medicine should be ruling the medicine world. On the contrary, more and more people each day are adopting the alternative medicines. What would be the cause of the sudden shift from modern medicine?
One of the main reason patients are embracing the holistic treatment is that they prefer prevention of diseases to cure. Holistic treatment offers a lot of knowledge on natural supplements that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.
The affordability of the alternative medication is the other boosting factor. The alternative and holistic medicine are very cheap compared to the western medicine. With the lessons the patient learns on healthy living; a lot of unnecessary diseases are avoided, and those trips to the doctor are reduced. Patients are taught against smoking, processed food, alcoholism and eating a lot of meat; this exercises together with the supplements reduce the health care costs.
The other benefit that has pulled a high majority to the alternative medication is the fact that the side effects of the natural medicine are small or none. This is contrary to the western medication where one may be required to take a second medication to reduce the side effects of the medicine that is supposed to heal the disease they’re suffering from, which is a complete setback.
The other reason the holistic medicine has raised its popularity is that the medicine works with the body to heal itself while the western medicine works against the body to improve it. More patients are embracing the gradual yet effective healing of the holistic treatments.
The western medicine cannot be completely buried by the alternative and holistic treatments. However, the popularity of the alternative treatments is gradually rising, and many people are embracing it. It is advisable that the future medical students be taught how to understand holistic treatments. Many doctors are now offering a combination of both the western and holistic treatment.

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