Susan McGalla and Women in the Business World

Statistics show that both gender and ethnically-diverse companies perform significantly better than companies that are not. This is thought to be so because this diversity makes possible a workplace with a broader pool of ideas. One of the top women in today’s business landscape is Susan McGalla. McGalla grew up with two brothers and a tough coach father in East Liverpool, Ohio. She credits her father for raising her to be a tough businesswoman.

He did this by raising her to be just as tough as his sons. She says that these years for helping her be a successful leader in multiple high level positions. Before these high level positions, however, she educated herself for the role. She attended and her a B.A. in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Here first real job in the business world was in different marketing and managerial positions between 1986 to 1994. Her career after that entered the high level leadership platform and never left it.

She worked in these leadership positions until 2011 when she left Wet Seal Inc. to become a private consultant. For this very purpose she founded P3 Executive Consulting. She excels in this role with her top expertise in branding, marketing, talent managing, and operational efficiencies—among many other areas of expertise. She currently sits as its Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development of the Pittsburg Steelers. She was instrumental in deploying the Steeler’s gear “Wear What We Wear” campaign.

She also sits on the boards of HFF Inc. And Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute. McGalla currently resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager. Unfortunately, McGalla is still the exception in business industry leadership where women are still rare in top positions. This does not mean women’s groups have not been working hard to change this. They have been doing so for many years. McGalla is the perfect role model in this endeavor. She is also very passionate and very outspoken on the subject, being in high demand as a speaker to female business groups.


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