Economy Needs Holistic Medicine

The New York Times recently listed holistic medicine as a practice that is beneficial to the American economy. In a piece about the maintenance of a stable economy in the United States, New York Times Contributor, Anand Giridhara, discussed the role of holistic medicine and how it can be used to reduce federal spending on the 3 trillion dollar healthcare industry.

A large percentage of healthcare costs are spent on Americans who have entirely preventable diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and osteoporosis are all illnesses that America spends billions of dollars on, which can be completely avoided through an intake of adequate foods. Because these illnesses are so prevalent, holistic medicine should be offered as a more affordable way to treat these debilitating diseases. Because alternative medical practitioners use a wide variety of organic, plant based material in their treatments, the treatments do not require large amounts of money to be created or implemented into the regiment of patients.

The pharmaceutical industry is also a trillion dollar industry that feeds directly on the mainstream health care industry. Because of the monetary and legal power the pharmaceutical industry has amassed in the American economy, it has become quite difficult for holistic medicine to gain footing in the culture. With the progression of the internet as a tool for the advancement of education, holistic medicine has begin to become more and more relevant to a culture that is being made unhealthy by the food that they consume and the chemicals that the pharmaceutical industry sells them.

By adding a generous amount of holistic medicinal resources and education into the American economy, practitioners are changing the way that citizens view health care. The American culture at large is now realizing that the best healthcare is preventative care. Utilizing holistic practices can help to drastically decrease the amount of tax payer money that is spent on surgeries, pills, and hospital stays associated with preventable disease.

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