Holistic Medicine Rising in Popularity

While holistic medicine was once taboo in American culture, the dawn of the internet age has made the movement extremely popular again, according to the BBC. Alternative medicine is the practice of healing the human body’s sicknesses, disease, and other unwanted conditions through the use of natural remedies like herbs, spices, and vegetables. The practice of healing the body holistically has been used by every culture throughout human history and has only recently been pushed aside in favor of western medicine. Modern holistic healers recognize the progress of modern medicine and its development of new ways to heal humans, but typically believe that holistic healing is more beneficial for preventative treatment and the removal of disease.

Popular holistic health writers, like Katie Walsh of the Wellness Mama blog, often highlight the way modern medicine fails at preventing or healing disease. One of the reasons that holistic medicine has gained such popularity in the Untied States and abroad is the fact that modern medicine is riddled with issues. Pharmaceutical drugs are responsible for more than half of the drug overdoses that occur annually in the United States. When taken incorrectly, these drugs can be fatal. When taken correctly, they can be debilitating and can cause dependency.

The holistic food and medicine movement saw a surge in popularity in the 1960s during the hippie era. Although many historians rightly view hippies as an irresponsible group of people, their views on communal living and organic foods were actually quite beneficial to them. Following the hippie movement, the holistic movement did not gain popularity again until the early 2000s. During this resurgence, Americans began to demand more holistic health practitioners in their cities and sought health insurance that covered care by these practitioners. There are now holistic medicine health care facilities in almost every major United States city.

The increase in the popularity of holistic food has occurred for several reasons. It is evident that Americans have become tired of medicines that produce more harm than health.

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