Fabletics or Amazon for the takeover

Fabletics, which is founded by Kate Hudson, is currently one of the leading athletic wear companies in America. It is an online subscription retailer that offers a wide variety of high quality, fashionable workout clothes for women and men. Their company not only gives consumers great fashion, but they are also giving them quality clothing at a price great price. Its approach is mainly an online subscription based site, that offers customers personalized outfits. These outfits are chosen based on the subscribers personal preferences and lifestyle. The subscription is monthly and cost $49.95. Upon signing up customers are asked to take a quick survey about their fitness lifestyle and personal fashion styles. This data is then saved to help create outfits for members. The company also has pop-up stores where they stock based on popular preferences that are requested by online members.


The key to Fabletics success boils down to their skilled expertise in using the reverse showroom technique. This strategy targets consumers who browse online but prefer to purchase items in store. This technique alone has helped them become the top subscription clothing brand in the nation. Fabletics even took the initiative to integrate their website and local stores. When a customer shops and tries on clothing in stores, the information will be uploaded into their shopping cart online. Taking this route has significantly increased their amount of subscribers. This strategy has made Fabletics the multimillion dollar company that it is today.


In this day and age Amazon controls a large portion of the online fashion market. Although Amazon is a top competitor, this does not slow Fabletics down one bit. The active wear movement is constantly growing, and Fabletics are meeting each demand. Being able to constantly stay on trend and give customers something new each time is what’s keeping Fabletics ahead of the game. Being ahead of the subscription craze is just the icing on the cake. Consumers love the idea of being able to have what they need just a scroll and click away. There is no hassle and everything is designed to meet the customers personal needs. Everything they need is at their fingertips and delivered right to their front door, or they’re walking out of the door with it. Personalization will remain Fabletics secret women when it comes to their competitors. In this busy world we live in everyone is looking for ways to make things more simple. Something that will make their day to day life much easier. Fabletics have found a way to deliver that to their consumers and keep them happy. Take the Lifestyle Quiz today to find out which Fabletics gear is best for you. Let Fabletics add a little more ease to your life.

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