The Contraception Breakthrough That No One Is Talking About

An ancient Chinese medicine is gaining credibility as a 21st-century miracle daily and emergency contraceptive. According to published research by scientists at University of California, Berkley, they’ve identified two plant compounds that can prevent conception. These compounds would also provide a birth control option that’s free of hormones, 100% natural, has no side effects, non-toxic, and could be used any length of time desired.

Not everyone can safely use the different birth control options. Some people are allergic to latex, which is a key ingredient in condoms. Some people can’t handle the hormones present in birth control pills. The hormones in birth control pills have been proven to cause a myriad of health complications as well. But this new plant compound would bypass all of those negative side effects.

The plant compound works by preventing the sperm from whipping their tails to build up enough momentum to penetrate the egg. The sperm and the egg are not harmed by this hindrance. The compound simply prevents the egg and the sperm from meeting. And these plant compounds need a very low concentration to be effective. Researchers approximate the concentration to be about 10 times lower than the hormone in Plan B. They’ve nicknamed this miracle contraceptive compound “molecular condoms.”

This miracle contraceptive compound is a combination of lupeol, found in mango and dandelion root, and pristimerin, found in a plant called the “thunder god vine.” Previously, it had been identified that progesterone binds to a protein called ABHD2 and this helps to facilitate the whipping of the sperm tails required for fertilization of the egg. The two substances of lupeol and pristimerin work together to prevent progesterone from binding with ABHD2 and thus prevents the sperm from reaching its target.

Unfortunately, these compounds aren’t in a high enough concentration in their respective plants to become a cost-effective commercial alternative to current birth control methods. The researchers haven’t given up and are looking for alternative plant sources of the compounds. If they are successful, birth control will be revolutionized with a guarantee of 100% risk-free, 100% effective contraception.

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