New Studies Indicate that Coffee and Tea May Reduce Cancer Risk

A new holistic health study recently revealed that coffee and tea could be used as a holistic treatment for the prevention of liver disease and cancer. Degenerative liver disease represents more than a quarter of the cancer cases in the United States. The conditions kills over a million people annually across the globe. Although there have always been health benefits associated with the consumption of coffee and herbal teas, this is the first time that scientific evidence has proved that these drinks could have a beneficial effect on patients who present with symptoms suggesting that they could develop liver disease in the future.

Benefits of Coffee
Coffee has been used throughout the history of the world as an herbal medicine. Developed from the cocoa bean found primarily in the souther hemisphere, coffee contains powerful antioxidants, natural pain relievers, and chemicals that help to reduce memory loss. The modern use of coffee as a stimulant is simply an added bonus of consuming this healthy liquid. The antioxidant-rich coffee bean can be consumed orally or inserted into the body with an enema kit to gain health benefits from it. Studies suggest that the daily consumption of at least once cup of coffee per day can prevent both liver and colon diseases from forming.

Benefits of Tea
Herbal tea has also been long heralded as a beneficial holistic healing aid. Almost every herb and some spices can be used as teas. All edible herbs have benefits to the human body, but spearmint, peppermint, and chamomile tea are especially beneficial to those suffering from liver disease. By consuming the tea made with these herbs, humans can ease the discomfort associated with liver disease and, ultimately, eliminate slow progressing liver pain.

Although the evidence that suggests that herbal tea and coffee can help to prevent cancers and disease is fairly new, the general health benefits of these holistic concoctions can hardly be disputed. In addition to their provision of several key nutrients, coffee and tea provide a tasty and relaxing beverage experience for all to enjoy!

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