Paul Mampilly’s Newsletter Profits Unlimited Has Reached A New Level Of Success

The fastest growing newsletter about the investment industry has hit an astonishing 60,000 subscribers. The founder of Profits Unlimited, Paul Mampilly, has an impressive resume that makes him more than qualified to do the job. He worked on as a former hedge fund manager on Wall Street for 20 years. Some of his high profile clients include Kinetics International, Deutsche Bank, and ING.

Mampilly launched Profits Unlimited just a year ago after signing on with the publishing agency Banyan Hill Publishing. This newsletter helps Main Street Americans make their fortune with profitable investment opportunities. Once a month Paul recommends a new stock to his subscribers and updates them every week and tracks how the investment are doing via his website. He takes a wildly different approach to this by subscribers buying their own stock in their own brokerage accounts. Traditionally clients talk to a financial advisor and they set everything up for them. One stock that Paul Mampilly wrote about recently is up 160 percent, a semiconductor company. His current open portfolio includes 13 stocks and 11 of them are profitable. They range in percentage increase of 18, 21, 31, and 38. Another subscriber has profited over $45,000 from Paul Mampilly’s stock suggestions, praising Paul as an outstanding financial advisor. Surely there is more to come from this dynamic individual as he takes on investments, one stock at a time.

One happy subscriber named Alan L. has found lots of success with Mampilly’s newsletter. He followed Paul’s suggestions for stock and is happy with the results, even saying it has been the most profitable investment for him in the stock market ever.

Paul Mampilly is a American entrepreneur, investor, and author based in Durham, North Carolina. He has been featured on Fox Business News, Bloomberg TV, and CNBC. Paul received his degree from New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and his MBA at Fordham University.

With his impressive 25 years in the business he received many awards including the prestigious Templeton Foundation investment competition. He is the founder of Profits Unlimited, which helps Main Street Americans become wealthy with their investments. It currently has over 60,000 subscribers.

Susan McGalla and Women in the Business World

Statistics show that both gender and ethnically-diverse companies perform significantly better than companies that are not. This is thought to be so because this diversity makes possible a workplace with a broader pool of ideas. One of the top women in today’s business landscape is Susan McGalla. McGalla grew up with two brothers and a tough coach father in East Liverpool, Ohio. She credits her father for raising her to be a tough businesswoman.

He did this by raising her to be just as tough as his sons. She says that these years for helping her be a successful leader in multiple high level positions. Before these high level positions, however, she educated herself for the role. She attended and her a B.A. in business and marketing from Mount Union College. Here first real job in the business world was in different marketing and managerial positions between 1986 to 1994. Her career after that entered the high level leadership platform and never left it.

She worked in these leadership positions until 2011 when she left Wet Seal Inc. to become a private consultant. For this very purpose she founded P3 Executive Consulting. She excels in this role with her top expertise in branding, marketing, talent managing, and operational efficiencies—among many other areas of expertise. She currently sits as its Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development of the Pittsburg Steelers. She was instrumental in deploying the Steeler’s gear “Wear What We Wear” campaign.

She also sits on the boards of HFF Inc. And Magee Womens Hospital Research Institute. McGalla currently resides in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania with her husband, Stephen McGalla, a wealth manager. Unfortunately, McGalla is still the exception in business industry leadership where women are still rare in top positions. This does not mean women’s groups have not been working hard to change this. They have been doing so for many years. McGalla is the perfect role model in this endeavor. She is also very passionate and very outspoken on the subject, being in high demand as a speaker to female business groups.


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Nurses Using Holistic Medicine To Heal Patients

Holistic healing is growing rapidly in popularity. Many people are turning to things like herbal teas and miracle fruits. Many patients have been told that there is little that traditional medicine can do to help their condition.

Modern medicine is different from traditional medicine. While traditional medicine focuses on alleviating the symptoms of an illness, holistic medicine focuses on the whole patient. For example, a patient has gotten into a car accident. This patient may be suffering both physical and psychological damage that needs to be addressed.

There are several holistic remedies that nurses are using in order to heal their patients. Many are using essential oils. These oils can be used to treat things such as bladder infections, depression, insomnia and earaches. Not only can they heal various ailments, but they can also promote stress and alleviate stress. There are several types of essential oils including lavender, eucalyptus and peppermint.

Linda Weihbrecht is a registered nurse and licensed massage therapist. She stated that she often uses essential oils to treat patients who have dementia. She stated that the oils help reduce stress and strengthen the immune system.

Hydrotherapy, or aquatic therapy, has been around since 1700 BC. Water can treat a variety of conditions including pain and acne. Watsu, which is a type of hydrotherapy incorporates the use of massage. Kathleen Kristoff is an occupational therapist. She stated that all senior living communities should consider using water therapy.

Acupressure, which is another holistic healing method used by nurses, can help reduce pain. In fact, it may also be able to reduce people’s reliance on opioids. There was a study done that showed that acupressure can be just as effective for alleviating pain as pain medication.

Is It a Good Idea to Take a Natural Approach to Your Health?

You have probably seen a wide array of articles and posts on the internet that have stated more people are going with a holistic approach to healthcare than ever before. Holistic medicine involves natural healing techniques to better align the body and get yourself back to a feeling of well-being and vibrancy. In a world that is literally governed by modern medicine, doctors and hospitals, it’s often looked-down on to take a natural approach to your health. There have been people who swear by holistic medicine to cure just about any ailment, from something as simple as toenail fungus to something as major as cancer.

It is important to remember that your health is incredibly fragile and that you should never attempt to handle it yourself without a doctor’s approval. In some cases, you can do more damage than good if you don’t follow doctor’s orders. However, if you feel that medicine isn’t working for your issues or that your doctor isn’t hearing your wishes when it comes to your health, holistic medicine is a wonderful approach to consider. In fact, there are a multitude of natural wellness and holistic doctors available who don’t necessarily go the traditional route when it comes to healing their patients.

It is a smarter idea to visit a holistic doctor for your ailments than it is to do your own research on the internet and come to your own conclusions. The reason for this is because so many people have a problem with misdiagnosing themselves, which prevents them from getting the care that they so desperately need. A holistic doctor will not only be able to properly diagnose your ailment, but they can prescribe a variety of natural elements to heal you without the use of traditional medicine. This might involve a change to your diet, vitamin supplementation or even herbal remedies that you’ve never tried in the past because they are often shunned when visiting a regular doctor’s office.

Why Are More People Taking a Holistic Approach to Their Health?

Modern medicine has come a long way, and it isn’t horribly uncommon to go to the doctor’s office with an ailment and be prescribed a pill the very same day. While most modern medicine has been the savior for many individuals, it also comes with a load of side effects and problems. In fact, many patients have found that the side effects for a specific treatment or pill were worse than the ailment itself. Because of this, a lot of people are taking a more holistic and natural approach to their healthcare.

Diet changes, exercise implementation and herbal supplements are key when taking a natural approach to healing and preventative healthcare. Many body and mental ailments are caused by deficiencies in certain vitamins, so patients are realizing the need for proper nutrition along with visiting their regular doctor. If you feel that it is time to take a natural approach to your health, there are a few things you need to understand. The first is that you still need to follow doctor’s orders. For example, if you’re on a cholesterol-lowering medication, going off of it and trying your own thing could be more dangerous than you think.

If you feel that your doctor isn’t hearing your wishes and isn’t understanding your need for a more natural approach, you should consider switching healthcare providers and going to see a holistic doctor. Holistic doctors are trained professionals who have still gone to medical school, but they are more apt to take a natural approach when it comes to their patients’ health. There aren’t as many holistic doctors readily available as are regular physicians, but they can still be found locally by doing a quick and effortless search online. Keep in mind that most insurance providers do not cover the costs of holistic healthcare, so you may wind up shelling out all of the money yourself just to get the care that you need. However, this has been a beneficial switch for many who are struggling to obtain better health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Understudied Cancer Treatment Option

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an oriental practice that is thousands of years old. It involves the use of medications prepared from herbs, massage and acupuncture, diet and exercise.

Cancer is a life-changing diagnosis that impacts not only the patient but also those close to her. An increasing number of medical studies is demonstrating the success of eastern alternative treatments and in some cases revealing them to be just as or even more effective than their traditional medicine counterparts.

Prescription spending in the U.S. for the prior year exceeded $457 billion and over $107 billion of that was spent on cancer-related drugs. For this year, approximately 1.7 million new cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed. Many advocates of alternative treatments cite this as a leading factor that has hindered further research and study of these non-traditional options.

This article explores data related to the efficacy of TCM herbal remedies in the treatment of cancer.

TCM has been a standard treatment for cancer and related disorders throughout China’s recorded history. A clinical review of controlled clinical studies of the top 7 cancers treated with TCM and reported in 4 electronic databases that included the Chinese Scientific Journal Database and the Chinese BioMedical Literature Database provided over 2,900 articles related to cancer that were studied.

The study found that the positive outcome most frequently reported from TCM treatment was with clinical symptom improvement in over 56 percent of the reviewed cases. The next highest successful outcome from the treatment were with laboratory index measurements, which were approximately 43 percent of the cases.

Several of the articles also reported on the palliative use of TCM when prescribed alongside traditional western medication. Reduction of side-effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation therapy accounted for approximately 37 percent.

The researchers reported that TCM is not only effective in the treatment of existing cancerous conditions, but expressed a deep interest in TCM’s ability to prevent relapse, metastasis and side-effects associated with conventional treatments, where TCM has had a demonstratively higher impact.

The clinical evidence supporting the use of eastern alternative medicine, TCM, to prevent and treat cancer is substantial and warrants additional study by researchers.

Arthur Becker- a Real-Estate Business Mogul Takes His Passion for Art to another Level

Arthur Becker is a real estate mogul who has taken his passion for arts to another level. His Tribeca real estate office functions as an art studio with a fully furnished workshop along with sculptures and paintings that he has personally created. The office is located down the street a short distance from the site of what will be Becker’s first ground-up solo development project.

Arthur Becker is putting up an eight unit luxury condo at 465 Washington Street that is expected to sell at $52.5 million. The 66-year old billionaire made his fortune by buying tech companies in the early 2000s. He formerly worked as a stockbroker at Bear Stearns. However, Becker later shifted to invest into real estate in New York and Florida.

In the recent days, Arthur Becker has been more of a silent-money partner where he has actively backed Michael Stern and Kelvin Maloney in their massive development at 111 West 57th Street. Becker has also invested in a 16-story condo building and 10 Sullivan Street.

Arthur Becker was married to designer Vera Wang for more than 20 years until the couple separated in 2012. The billionaire’s business dealings are vast spanning from tech, art, finance, and real estate where he has put a lot of focus in the recent days. Arthur Becker considers himself lucky for getting into the real estate business at the right time.

Despite his huge success in various business ventures, Arthur Becker has also experienced some failures. Becker’s investment in specialized binoculars dubbed Bnox wasn’t received well by the market in what Becker thinks that the customers might not have liked how far the eyes were from each other.

According to Curbed, Arthur Becker has been collecting ancient currencies from Nigeria and Cameroon. Some of the currencies are said to be over a millennium old. Becker uses these ancient coins to make beautiful sculptures. Other notable arts include the origami money board, magic eight ball, and paperweights.

About Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker serves as a Managing Member of Madison Partners, LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that focuses on real estate and financing starter Bio Tech ventures. Arthur previously served as the chairman and the CEO of Zinio, LLC, and NaviSite.

Becker has had interests in art from the time he was young. He enrolled at Bennington College where he graduated with a degree in art. Becker continues to produce outstanding pieces of art some of which have been exhibited in New York and Florida.

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Holistic Medicine For Pain Relief

Buzzfeed recently published an article discussing ways to use holistic medicine for pain mild to moderate pain relief. Americans have reach epidemic levels of chronic pain and the use of over-the-counter pain remedies has tripled in the country since the 1920s. Medicines like Tylenol, Aleve, and Advil have become consistently consumed by a majority of the general public. These medicines have also been linked to dangerous conditions like liver damage, cancer, stomach bleeding, and ulcers. This list of holistic treatment can relieve everyday aches and pains without the introduction of toxic chemicals to the body.

Steaming is a holistic treatment that has been used since ancient times to relieve pain in the back, sore muscles, and congestion. Steam can be applied directly to the affected area or it can be released in a confined space to dilate blood vessels that are generally constricted to cause painful tension.

Acupuncture is another holistic treatment that has roots in ancient Chinese culture. The treatment involves the use of very small needles which are inserted into strategic places on the body. Acupuncture is especially beneficial for those suffering from chronic back or neck pain and is intended to cause a release of pressure points. Acupuncture is also beneficial for those struggling with intense or chronic headaches.

Heat Therapy
Heat Therapy is a commonly used holistic technique that involves the use of heating pads, blankets, or devices to relieve aches and pains. Heat therapy is scientifically based, and may prevent sore areas from becoming sore in the future. Heat can be administered at different levels of intensity to achieve the desired effect.

Chiropractic holistic practices involve the manipulation of muscles and bones in the spine to achieve balance alleviate pain associated with the alignment of the bones. Chiropractic medicine has become quite popular in the United States and clinics that perform this treatment can be found in most cities.

Many other treatments are available for the holistic treatment of pain and soreness.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Effective In The Treatment Of Heart Disease, New Study Suggests

A brand new study suggests that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) may be as effective at treating heart disease as Western medications. Although more research is needed, doctors are hopeful that this study will inspire more Western scientists and doctors to take TCM seriously as a healing methodology.

This study looked at case histories published within the last 10 years. All of these patients used different Chinese herbal remedies to combat diseases that affected the heart including diabetes, dyslipidemia, and hypertension.

Researchers found that most of the Chinese medications were at least as effective as Western pharmaceuticals. All of the TCM herbs used in this study presented no negative side effects. A few herbs that had antihypertensive effects were Jiangya, Jiangyabao, Zhongfujiangya, and Qiqilian.

While this research is promising, doctors need more long-term evidence on TCM’s effectiveness over time. Doctors are also interested in whether or not TCM medications could be used with Western pharmaceuticals in the management of cardiovascular issues.

Study authors note that TCM practitioners don’t generally prescribe just one herb for one condition. TCM doctors usually create complex formulas taking into account the idiosyncrasies of their patients. These complex formulas are often modified over time to more effectively treat the symptoms each patient presents to the doctor.

It’s often difficult to study TCM in a Western laboratory setting. Since most formulas concocted in TCM have literally dozens of ingredients, it’s very hard for scientists to pinpoint the correlations between the chemical compounds and the patient’s symptoms. Also, most medications in China don’t go through as rigorous screening procedures as Western medicines do.

Most of the research in this study was conducted at Shandong University Qilu Hospital in Jinan, Shandong, China. Dr. Yuxia Zhao, a physician in the hospital’s Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, was the lead author.

This study was published in the June issue of Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The article was entitled “Traditional Chinese Medicine for Cardiovascular Disease Evidence and Potential Mechanisms.”

Economy Needs Holistic Medicine

The New York Times recently listed holistic medicine as a practice that is beneficial to the American economy. In a piece about the maintenance of a stable economy in the United States, New York Times Contributor, Anand Giridhara, discussed the role of holistic medicine and how it can be used to reduce federal spending on the 3 trillion dollar healthcare industry.

A large percentage of healthcare costs are spent on Americans who have entirely preventable diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke, and osteoporosis are all illnesses that America spends billions of dollars on, which can be completely avoided through an intake of adequate foods. Because these illnesses are so prevalent, holistic medicine should be offered as a more affordable way to treat these debilitating diseases. Because alternative medical practitioners use a wide variety of organic, plant based material in their treatments, the treatments do not require large amounts of money to be created or implemented into the regiment of patients.

The pharmaceutical industry is also a trillion dollar industry that feeds directly on the mainstream health care industry. Because of the monetary and legal power the pharmaceutical industry has amassed in the American economy, it has become quite difficult for holistic medicine to gain footing in the culture. With the progression of the internet as a tool for the advancement of education, holistic medicine has begin to become more and more relevant to a culture that is being made unhealthy by the food that they consume and the chemicals that the pharmaceutical industry sells them.

By adding a generous amount of holistic medicinal resources and education into the American economy, practitioners are changing the way that citizens view health care. The American culture at large is now realizing that the best healthcare is preventative care. Utilizing holistic practices can help to drastically decrease the amount of tax payer money that is spent on surgeries, pills, and hospital stays associated with preventable disease.