Cotemar Mexico Leading the Silent Petroleum Revolution in Mexico

Cotemar Mexico is a Mexican company incorporated in 1979. Since its inception, the company has come to be a major player in the oil industry providing a broad range of state-of-the-art services to the industry. Cotemar Mexico works on the platform of the vision and mission to provide quality services that enhance sustainable production of oil and gas products in the country hence defining it as the power behind the silent petroleum revolution.


The company has in place adequate infrastructure to achieve the set goals and standards. Cotemar runs with a team consisting of skilled labor offering the support and required solutions to the petroleum industry. With its skilled workforce, the company leads in construction and maintenance of extraction platforms that feed the Brazilian oil industry. An extensive network of partners from across the globe always ensure the company uses the right equipment and machinery for the job. These qualities always ensure the company’s services rank highly on the global scale.


Services offered by Cotemar Mexico extend to transport of vessels and staff. Equipment carried by the company follow the set manufacturer requirements and adherence to environmental standards making it the safest and reliable option for developers and explorers. The transport package for staff includes catering and accommodation alongside ensuring adequate safety measures are in place. The company offers the services available through the company’s fleet of over 30 vessels, cabins offering recreational facilities, TV rooms and other features.


Corporations and investors in petroleum industry need to remain relevant in the sector and increase productivity through constant upgrades. Cotemar Mexico ensures the best solution embracing modern technology to modernize and maintain solutions to clients. Specialized support vessels run by the company offer on-call services to companies seeking emergency solutions in their operations.


Staffs working with Cotemar Mexico get the opportunity to work in the best and rewarding environment. Challenges posed by the ever-growing technology provide a platform for the employees to grow in their careers while constant guidance ensures they maintain the capacity to deliver in every situation. Working in different cadres and specialties, the employees always have the perfect platform to exchange ideas and develop new strategies for handling various assignments.


Brazilian petroleum industry is growing fast. The growth comes alongside the ever-rising demand for oil products. Since its inception, Cotemar Mexico continues to offer the required services and support to develop the industry. The company’s contribution is immense ranking it as a major driver in the petroleum industry of Brazil.

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