Jim Tananbaum: Investor, Entrepreneur and Healthcare Innovator


Jim Tananbaum, founder and CEO of Foresite Capital Management, is widely recognized as an innovator in healthcare and has over 25 years of experience in the field, being recently featured on Forbes’ Midas list of the Top 100 Investors. He and Foresite are currently most highly invested in Intarcia, a twice-yearly implant for those with Type II diabetes that helps control their diabetes and promotes weight loss.

In a recent interview with Ideamensch., Jim Tanabaum discusses the inspiration for Foresite, which he describes as a desire, “to truly understand and harness healthcare’s future.” He also gives an inside look on how he brings his idea to life, as well as describing his daily routine, stressing particularly the importance of balancing family life with meetings and portfolio discussions.

Later in the interview, Jim Tanabaum explains the two most important things he has learned from his experience in the field: how to read the ever-changing trends in healthcare, which he calls reading, “where the puck is going,” and learning to trust his instincts on what will optimize business growth rather than doing things the way they have always been done. Check out Forbes for more info.

Professional Career

Tananbaum possesses a Master’s Degree in Science from MIT, as well as an MD from Harvard Medical School and and MBA from Harvard Business school. In 1991, he co-founded and worked as CEO of GelTex, later bought by Genzyme, and he then worked as a partner at Sierra Ventures from 1993-1997. Tananbaum also co-founded Theravance in 1997, acting as Chief Executive Officer until 2000. From 2001-2010, Jim worked as Managing Director of Prospect Venture Partners II and III, which he co-founded. Since 2010, he has acted as CEO of Foresite, which he founded. Tananbaum’s major investments have included Amira Pharmaceuticals, Amerigroup, Healtheon and Jazz Pharmaceuticals. His dedication and investment and management skills have led him to be recognized by publications such as Forbes, and widely respected by the healthcare and investment fields.

Check out his website officialjimtananbaum.com


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Norman Pattiz of Podcast One Announces Crucial Results on the Effects of Podcast Advertising on Brand Recall

Norman Pattiz, the chief executive officer of Podcast One, has been making news headlines after his announcement of the effects of podcast advertising to branding. Pattiz was assisted by the vice president of Edison Research, Tom Webster.

The detailed results were from a research study conducted on five prominent brands used by most consumers. They provided an in-depth review of the benefits of podcast campaign advertising to branding. Through the study, Edison Research identified the beneficial impacts of podcast advertising on consumer buying behavior.


The following results were important to note:

  • Financial services packages marked a significant growth of 47% after the podcast advertising campaign.
  • More than 60% of the interviewed team had a positive response towards a particular grocery product after the podcast advertising campaign. This was marked by a 7% rise in brand preference.
  • During the study, more than a third of all candidates had a shifted preference for a particular vehicle in the market after the podcast advertising campaign. An 18 % increase marked this.
  • A lawn and garden item garnered an increase in consumer preference by 22%.
  • The brand awareness intensity of a specified vehicle in the market earned 60%. Finally, an average dining restaurant garnered 76% of consumer preference.

Mechanism of Research

It is important to note that Edison Research conducted the study on prominent brands just like in the indicated results.

While some brands had a stellar reputation, other brands were at the trial stage. They were considered to be in the phase of brand awareness. In a bid to determine the effectiveness of podcast advertising, the campaign ran for six weeks.

This time frame was enough to establish the effectiveness of podcast calling on brand marketing. The same technique was applied to all products. From strong results, there was a drawn conclusion that most consumers paid attention to brands that had been advertised.

Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz was the chief executive officer of Podcast One until June 2016. The career executive chaired Podcast One to its new position of the number one news provider for sports, traffic, entertainment and programming in the United States of America.

He is also the founder of an entertainment group by the name of Courtside Entertainment Group. This company recognizes untapped audio talent with the aim of giving individuals public recognition.

Is Your Online Reputation Important To You?

In less than 10 seconds you can research a company, which is great when you’re looking to make a decision about a big purchase or whether you want to make a connection with an individual – but what if the researcher is investigating you or your business? Roughly 85% of your prospects research your company on the Internet before they make that big purchasing decision. And increasingly more online shoppers post their reviews of their purchases online in written or video form as well. Social media offers exponential opportunities to get opinions out there.

While online reputation awareness is key, you can’t monitor it 24/7. So just as there are tools to help you manage and improve your online reputation, tools exist to help you monitor it; according to Huffington Post contributor Lucinda Watrous, some are free. Depending on your situation, explore Google Alerts to find out whenever your brand, product or service is mentioned on another site. Twitter offers similar help – search your brand, save your search and set your options to keep track of tweets about you or your company in Advanced Search. Companies like Reputation Defender Reviews, Trackur, Reputology, Reputation.com, and Complaint Site Search provide similar services at a price.

When it comes to maintaining your online reputation, start with the simple assumption that everything you do or say online is open to the public. So use online feedback to your advantage. While we would love only glowing reputations, that’s not realistic. If you get negative feedback, how you respond can actually help improve your online reputation. Remember the saying, “it’s our actions that define us.” That said, if you need to take it another step further, there are many online reputation management companies that can help you improve and even restore your reputation. According to the 10 Best SEO, Denver, CO-based InternetReputation.com is the No. 1 ranked reputation management firm out there. Since 2010, they have provided thousands of individuals and businesses from all over the globe reputation management solutions.

If you find you can’t go it alone, don’t. The internet has made the world a smaller place and your reputation has a further reach than ever before. While we’d all like to believe we don’t care what others think of us – if the future of your business or your personal success hinges on the opinions of others, there are resources out there to help you manage your online reputation.

Find a Lawyer – Easier Than Ever

Being able to find a lawyer that is suitable for the particular client can handle quite the difficult task as not every lawyer will e able to fit the needs of the client and the unique preferences that a customer has towards the services and the person they will be hiring.


In order to make that less difficult Nysbalris has been created. It is a website online that is dedicated to helping clients find the right lawyer for them in the area of New York City. The site has been designed in a way that will make it less daunting to use.


There are a few steps that a client has to go through in order to find a match. First of all, the customer is asked to complete a quiz about the services they need and their situation. The answers are kept in absolute confidentiality and are never disclosed to third parties. All of the answers are viewed by experts whose job is to provide clients with a suitable lawyer. The attorneys provided have local practices in New York City.


There is also an option to use reference. It is free of charge although the first half an hour of consultation with the particular attorney charges the sum of 35 American dollars. For veterans and people with disabilities, the fee is annulled, and they do not have to pay a fee.


A part of this service is Mr. Jeremy Goldstein. He is a renowned businessman who is the founder of a large boutique law firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC. The law firm entered the scene in early 2014 and has become a trusted provider for business owners who own large corporations as well as for chief executive officers. The company has been growing, and the services have been expanded as well.

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You Choose The Schedule With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is not only looking to bring a sense of fun to the wine industry, but this direct sales company is also looking to put the power back into the hands of each and every Wine Guide no matter where they live or how much they choose to work. The choice of joining The Traveling Vineyard is an easy one to make as the overheads are almost non-existent and the profits made from each party attended should be more than enough to replenish the wines used for tasting at every party being hosted.

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One aspect of The Traveling Vineyard that sets the company apart from its rivals is the fact each Wine Guide has the chance to decide how best they will be served in their experience with this innovative company; there is no need for a Wine Guide to worry if they have chosen to prioritize their family over working with the company as their are no minimum sales levels or high overheads to be covered each month. Many Guide’s choose to work on a full time level with Traveling Vineyard yet choosing to work just a little each month will not see the individual miss out on extending their career over the long term.

A major benefit of the work of The Traveling Vineyard is focused on making sure each and every guide has the best possible support and work experience over the course of their career as a Wine Guide. Each year the hard work of those working with the company is celebrated with a series of events that are designed to give back to each wine guide and show the appreciation of the company for the role played by these talented and motivated individuals over the course of their career with The Traveling Vineyard.

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