Worried About Legal Problems? Pick Up Your Phone And Call Jeremy Goldstein

LRIS is a reliable partner for your legal needs. It is a community service program that works for non-profit and is sponsored specifically by Bar Association. LRIS, founded in 2002, can be accessible through the online portal. It designed with numerous aims in mind: to provide you assistance in the search for a legal representative that matches ideally with your legal problem and to provide you assistance to determine if substitute resources would be appropriate for you.


Bar president, Claire P. Gutekunst said that they partner with attorneys who have a very good legal reputation so that they can provide heir customer, unmatchable yet efficient services for their legal needs. The NY State Bar Association has launched with modern and up-to-date online technology in partnership with Legal.io/ Legal.io is a provider of referral management technology and marketplace for the legal industry that works nationally.


Jeremy Goldstein is not just a partner in Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, but he is also a very good man. He gives proper timing to his client and understands the nature of a case thoroughly that is the sole reason why people trust him with their future and also the reason why his clientele is rising day by day. His partnering firm is a boutique law firm that is dedicated specifically to advise CEOs, compensation committees, corporations and management teams in executive compensation and much more. Jeremy Goldstein never asks you for any referral and things like that because he believes that quality work speaks for itself.


Jeremy Goldstein has played a vital role in different major corporate transactions in past few years, including acquisition of Goodrich by United Technologies and acquisition of Alltel Corporation of Verizon Wireless. Jeremy Goldstein also chairs the Acquisition Subcommittee and Mergers of the Executive Compensation Committee by American Bar Association Business Law Section.


Visit http://jlgassociates.com/ for more information.


Paul Mampilly Rides The Investment Waves

Paul Mampilly is arguably one of the leading investment strategists fueling the investment industry today and during the recent financial crisis that was felt throughout north America. Mampilly is an author, editor, and has over two decades of hands-on experience with hedge fund management, portfolio development, and investment research publishing.

During the 1990s, Mampilly worked as an investment research assistant with Deutsche Bank and later with Kinetics International. In 1996 he received his MBA degree from Fordham University.

In 2009, during the nation’s financial crisis, Mampilly won the Templeton Foundation portfolio competition. He turned a $50 million investment into $78 million for Kinetics International, a notable increase of 76 percent.

In 2016, Mampilly agreed to sign on with Banyan Hill Publishing. This company produces investment research publications and/or advisories. He founded the Profits Unlimited newsletter, which in March 2017, was noted by PR Newswire to reach 60,000 subscribers. This is said to be one of the fastest growing newsletters related to the investment industry. Mampilly draws on his experience with companies such as ING and Kinetics International to advise Main Street Americans about upcoming investment opportunities in his newsletters each month. The subscriber is left with the decision to pursue, or not pursue this with their brokerage account. Several reports note satisfaction with Mampilly’s recommendations.

Mampilly in his investment newsletter generally focuses on growth investing, technology investment and small-cap stocks.

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There has been considerable revision in what is regarded as small-cap stock versus large-cap stock since the 1980s. Small-cap stocks, according to Investopedia, are classified by company value that, in this case may be between $300 million to $2 billion. Incidentally, nano-cap and micro-cap are two classifications beneath small-cap, and each is assigned a separate value range.

Paul Mampilly is an American investor demonstrating the capacity to ride the waves in good and turbulent times within the investment industry.

Source:  https://relationshipscience.com/paul-mampilly-p3868799

The Swiss Start-Up Factory under Mike Boar has partnered with Fintech Fusion Accelerator

Mike Baur is Swiss entrepreneur and developer of the Swiss Start-Up Factory AG. The Swiss AG supplies business startup centers, mentorship platforms, and development programs to startup companies for them to achieve their aspirations of activities. The firm also provides exceptional environments and leading innovation for the undeveloped businesses to expand and grow.


Mike Baur developed the company in 2014 with the aim of providing office spaces, financing services, mentorship and coaching services as well as investments to startup businesses. The Swiss AG conducts a three-month accelerator program that is meant to supply startup companies with coaching services and office spaces to facilitate Start-Up Company to realize their business ambitions in the dynamic Swiss capital.


Mike Baur graduated from the New York Rochester University and the Bern University. He holds various education certifications from these renowned institutes. After his training, Baur served in the Private Swiss Banking sector where he initially worked as a commercial UBS trainee, before being endorsed as the Swiss Private Bank administrative board associate. Boar has an extensive experience in the Swiss financial markets.


He is particularly reputable for his contributions to the Swiss Start-Up Factory fundraisings and business rounds. The Swiss Start-Up Factory has been recognized as the Switzerland’s biggest privately sponsored and self-sufficient ICT Startup Accelerator. Besides overseeing the major operations at his Company, Baur also spends part of his time and resources to assist the Swiss youth business program. The Swiss Start-Up Factory under Mike Baur lately confirmed ongoing partnership discussions with the Fintech Fusion Accelerator.


Swiss Start-Up and the Fintech Fusion Accelerator Partnership


Fintech is another Zurich-based StartUp company that supplies banking and commodity trading services, insurance as well as financial services. Fintech also features educational support programs from leading International Engineering research institutions. The company donates funds to aid the daily management of these Institutions. Fintech Fusion Accelerator supports various Startup enterprises across the globe.


Together, the Swiss Start-Up and Fintech Fusion aim to present business startups across the world with the most suitable collective office space, syndicate funding and mentorship exchange systems. This partnership is also designed to create an exclusive relationship between the French and the German commercial segments in Switzerland.


Both companies have shown a commitment to harmonize their resources for mutual business success. They have also displayed a resolution to support both local and foreign startups with their initial prototype plans for these business beginners to transform into superior market participants quickly.

Arthur Becker; Investor and Real Estate Mogul

Arthur Becker is an entrepreneur, investor, and executive based in New York. He attended the Bennington College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Becker went on to earn a Master’s degree in Business from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College. He was appointed the CEO of NaviSite in 2002. The company provided an array of services such as data center hosting and cloud-based application management. The company grew into a global organization. It has offices in India and the United Kingdom. Becker led the company to a successful exit in 2011. Time Warner acquired the enterprise.

Becker has been the managing director of the Madison Technology Group since January 2001. He was made a managing member of Atlantic Investors in 2002. He is the chairman and CEO of Zinio LLC. He served as a senior advisor to Vera Wang, the fashion company. He is currently a real estate and technology investor. It has made investments in properties all over New York.

It will have a projected sellout of more than $50 million. Seven of the units will be simplex apartments, and one will be a penthouse duplex. The prices of the units will range from $2,000 to $3,000 per square foot. They could even go higher. The asking price of the penthouse will be around $15 million. That of a simplex apartment will be $5 million.

In an article on NY Mag, Becker said that it would be an artisanal and boutique building. Paris Forino would design the interior. Becker bought the property from Peter Moore five years ago. Moore is a real estate developer. He bought it at six million dollars because Moore was battling a five-million-dollar foreclosure suit. Becker bought the development rights from the owners of an adjacent building so that he could expand the apartment complex to ten stories. Becker paid more than a million dollars for an easement of thirty feet from the owners of the building. It sits at the back of his property. Becker said that he was optimistic about the sale of the units because he will be selling very few units.

Read more: https://therealdeal.com/2016/08/30/tech-mogul-arthur-becker-gets-trio-of-townhouses-for-stake-in-soho-project/

WEN For Healthy Hair

We go through the hair care products line anywhere we go, seeing bottles promising a deep cleanse, but it always lists these harsh chemicals in small print that we typically don’t read and little do we know that it is damaging our beautiful hair. Chaz Dean’s entire dream was to create a successful business to create a better way to protect and style our hair. His most recent top name of the brand is the new Wen Cleansing Conditioner.

The WEN Cleansing Conditioner is a 5-1 formulation. It consists of taking the place of a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and a leave-in conditioner. This specific product’s ingredients are designed to not only make your hair healthier, but also stronger and resilient. The WEN cleansing conditioner is made solely on natural based substances instead of anything that would remotely put your hair at risk of damage.

So what about the man with the plan? Mr. Chaz Dean started out like most with a dream. Chaz had a passion burning inside of him at a very young age while watching his grandmother work with stunning fabrics and watching his grandfather create handcrafted furniture. His passion grew into photography throughout his high school years that later turned into a love for hair styling and design. His start out was just as an assistant in an LA based hair salon, barely scraping by. This is when he decided to pour his heart and soul into his hair care products!

If you want to change your hair care routine to something natural and more reliable, WEN is the best choice, hands down. Chaz Dean has poured everything into this product line and for a very good reason. Switch over to WEN and try out the WEN Cleansing Conditioner. You’ll have to see the drastic improvements to believe it for yourself.

Wen products are available online Guthy-Renker, on the QVC store and on the Wen.com website itself. Try Wen Today!

For more info, visit https://www.facebook.com/WENhaircare/.

What Kevin Seawright’s New Company, RPS Solutions Intends To Do For Baltimore

Kevin Seawright has been active in Baltimore’s development and city services programs for years and now he’s started a new business to make housing in decent neighborhoods affordable.  RPS Solutions has been investing in renovating areas of old housing and turning them into nice but affordable housing units.

PR News Wire explained to us that Kevin Seawright explained to local media sources that he saw tough obstacles for first-time homebuyers and lower income families to enter the market, but through renovating these neighborhoods he could help them find good living accommodations.

Brown has not owned his own home despite having a decent job because much of Baltimore’s housing prices have income requirements he doesn’t meet.

Seawright, who had been a mentor and role model to Brown introduced him to the RPS buyer’s program and Brown now has a chance to afford a decent home.

According to Crunchbase, prior to founding RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright worked in various accounting and municipal fund management positions. He holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in accounting from Almeda University and has gained a reputation throughout his professional career for expertise in combining civic leadership with entrepreneurship to address needs for various cities. Learn more about Kevin Seawright: http://vizualize.me/kevinseawright#.WOJjraK1uM8

His experience with the Baltimore city council started as an accounts manager and city resource controller. One of the first areas he addressed in this capacity was the Baltimore public school system.

He also was one of the leaders who brought CitiStat into use for analyzing Baltimore’s public service departments and highlighting which ones needed to be improved.

Another city that Seawright has worked with is Newark as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Economic Development Corporation.

The initiatives this organization started included plans for overhauling old buildings and working with companies such as Boraie Development to transform neighborhoods into business-friendly spaces and luxury rentals in residential lots.

Other organizations Seawright has been affiliated with include National Association of Black Accountants and Notre Dame University’s executive leadership program at the Mendoza School of Business.

The Innovative Developments of Sam Boraie

As the renowned Vice President of Boraie Development, Sam Boraie has made an enormous impact on the real estate industry. Boraie Development relies on the innovative urban planning principles when it comes to revitalizing the suburban areas. Shaquille O’Neal, a popular basketball star, approached Sam Boraie in the hope to forge a partnership that would take real estate development to a new level. Shaquille O’Neal has always yearned to give back to the community. Just like Shaquille O’Neal, Sam Boraie is a philanthropist. Sam includes a couple of community development amenities in his real estate projects. In New Brunswick, Boraie incorporated several facilities that included an amphitheater, Movie Theater, and a recreational park http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/boraie-development-llc-opens-leasing-center-in-new-brunswick-new-jersey-300176946.html . Both Shaquille O’Neal and Sam Boraie raised $60 million dollars to fund the Newark project.

Atlantic City

Boraie development has prepared an exciting master plan for the Atlantic City. The main idea is to revitalize the sprawling southern parts of the city and convert it to a resort destination. According to an article on NY Times, one of the things that Sam Boraie is looking to achieve is the development of a couple of exciting recreational facilities. Since outdoor recreation is popular in this part of the town, leaving adequate open space is vital.

Mixed-use developments

The combination of housing and retail developments has introduced a new dimension in this real estate firm. Since Boraie hopes to meet the needs of as many people as possible, the introduction of residential apartments, offices, and shops has drawn many people towards this part of the town. Since the deserted had become the breeding grounds for crimes and all sorts of atrocities, the development of these exciting urban infill projects has improved the security of the entire neighborhood. A complex that comprises of a 250-unit apartment building and over 1000 square feet of retail space can serve a community in many ways. Most importantly, such a development promises lots of upgrades in the infrastructure and services. Today, the New Jersey community appreciates Sam Boraie’s efforts in the revitalization of a deserted part of the city. Since the theater became operational in 2013, the attendance has been quite high. In addition, these recreational amenities attract many people to this complex, improving the businesses in the entire block significantly, read more about the company on Bloomberg.com.


This benevolent organization helps the poor people to get access to the basic needs such as food, shelter, and clothing. As such, Boraie has been a key pillar in community development. This attitude has enabled this real estate guru to take this company from the humble beginnings to greater heights. The quest to restore the Brunswick Cultural Center has now become a priority in this firm. Considering that the live performances and shows will attract over five million people per year, Sam Boraie is looking to tap into this potential.

You can visit Sam Boraie profile Crunchbase.com.

Check out the Boraie company profile: https://local.yahoo.com/info-11014537-boraie-realty-new-brunswick